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Kids Cooking Classes…All Hands On Deck!

Thursdays with Thumbelina & Theo

Kids Cooking Classes
All hands on Deck!

Yesterday a couple of last minute functions came our way…good folk who need feeding in 2 days time, & for one reason or another, have enlisted our help.

Maybe someone ran out of time, maybe a provider couldn’t deliver…so a bridge club luncheon & a special 80th celebration require our attention.

We seem to have developed a bit of a go-to reputation whenever a food crisis rears its little head :))
That’s a good thing…we love to ease the load & bring back the smiles.

So the kids cooking classes officially has to take a back seat today while we scurry around & get organized, make lists, order goodies & whip them into beautiful tasty morsels.
In reality, our precious couple of little people come to us after school regardless, & jump in to give us a welcoming hand wherever they can.

With little hands scrubbed, hungry tummies filled & plenty of tales to tell, they egg-wash sausage rolls…(we do Chicken & Pistachio,) & then sprinkle them with sesame seeds.

They crack eggs for quiches & whisk them up with cream.
They pack the pastry cases with an assortment of pre-chopped antipasto bits, like olives, sundried tomatoes, fetta, baby spinach, tiny pumpkin cubes…

They learn about what colours look good together, & to stick the pieces up so they will roast on top, & have some height to look inviting.
They learn to take care, to think ahead & they get to see the end result.

Yes, yes…they get to sample their wares too! Of course there has to be fringe benefits…we all know the proof is in the tasting :))

We make sauces & stuff little cherry tomatoes…busy, busy.

We teach them to pull together when someone needs help, to all pitch in & make it fun!
Our little people love the interaction, the involvement, & they soak it all up like sponges.

Exhausted & animated, off they go home better for the skills they’ve participated in, & eager to perfect them when next cooking session rolls around…

  1. What a fabulous thing & soooooo many benefits!! Love it xxx

    • Thanks so much Sharon…yeah, we think so too! Imperative for future wholeness :)) xx

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