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Kids Cooking Classes…Fish Pies.

A huge thankyou to every one who requested that “Thursdays with Theo & Thumbelina” come back again :)) that’s awesome!!
So for now, we are going to repeat some of the posts from past series of Kids Cooking Classes. Hope you enjoy…
Fish Pies...raw ingredients.

Welcome to the first in our little series of posts about Kids Cooking Classes, called
“Thursdays with Thumbelina.”

Every Thursday, we are fortunate enough to have the pleasurable company of a certain, special 3- year-old little person, who helps us in the kitchen.
She has the natural thirst for all things new, the zest to have a go, uninhibited, the exuberance & the joyous delight that is so preciously rewarding to behold.
kids cooking goes the fish first
So, with a little contemplation, we come up with activities that may be safe, suitable, & age appropriate.

Things that will extend her learning, her dexterity, her comprehension.
Things that will engage her mind, stimulate her curiosity & perhaps encourage a passion.
Basic introduction to skills that will sustain, & develop with-in her, for a lifetime.
Things to promote a solid, wholesome knowledge-base…equipping her to embrace her own, personal, future choices.
Thumbelina's Fish Pies half done
Because these visits are of long term occurrence, we punctuate the cooking banter with, say, a witnessing of the turn of the seasons, an observation from the windows of our elevated “tree house”, (as the kids call it.)
Or the tiny new, intense green buds shooting from garden plants, while we look around to find out how many different kinds of the colour green we can identify.
We learn about the importance of hand-washing & how to do it properly. We learn to count the eggs we are breaking, or the stars we are cutting out, or the steps we climb up & down everyday.
Thumbelina picking fresh herbs for our fish pies
We discuss goals, dreams, the way other children live in far-off countries, we look at maps, talk about animals & sing lots of songs.
Often we have a theme subject, like rain for example, & sing spontaneously as those thoughts are triggered by some random act in our day.
We sweep the deck, check out the spider webs, poof up the cushions, put something pretty in a vase, eat yummy things, & make dinner for mummy & daddy.
Thumbelina's little hands cutting pastry shapes
We aim to create memories, to foster a deep knowing, & to contribute fruitfully to the tribal guidance.

Our mission completed, we pick up the boys from school, scoot to the supermarket to get a few things, & discover promotional people offering all sorts of enticing treats for our energetic bunch.
Market day at the shops….what’s a girl to do!!
Fish Pies finishing touches
It occurs to me, that if Thumbelina gets such pleasure out of our cooking days, many, many other little people would too. And so we thought we would share our weekly kids cooking classes.

Please enjoy “Thursdays with Thumbelina.”

And feel absolutely free to contribute to our warm & wonderful experience in any way…..

So today, on the back of Master Chef one night this week, we thought we would make fish pies for dinner.
after school pie delivery
Our version, using similar replacement ingredients that we had on hand. We made a beautiful sauce based on rice milk & sour cream, loaded with roast garlic cloves, baby cherry tomatoes & fresh thyme, among other things.
You just had to pop the pastry lid off, with its star delicately cut out by Thumbelina, & the whole meal was entirely gluten-free.

At the end of the day, served with a yummy hokkien noodle stir-fry, the resounding verdict was “mmm delicious,” all round.
And the little people were proud, accomplished, fed with enthusiasm, & we were all happy…….
Kids Cooking Classes Fish Pies
a few more kids cooking sites you may be interested in :))

  1. Such great stories.. She always loves her Thursday cooking adventures..!!

    • We can learn so much from our little ones…fresh eyes, zest, curiosity, unadulterated joy! Thanks for sharing our precious :))

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