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Kids Cooking Classes…Home School.

Kids Cooking Classes…Home School.
Skills in happy, healthy eating.
Day 2.

Off to the supermarket to buy ingredients for Vietnamese Rice Paper Rolls…always fun to build yourself.
And we can get the kids to try a few new flavours & textures :))

On arrival for day 2 we learn that one tart from last nights dinner preparation had been forgotten in the oven, & consequently fed to the dogs.
A trip to MacDonald’s put paid to that meal idea!

The other tart was however still in the fridge, so we popped it in the oven whilst we finely sliced all the ingredients for the rice paper rolls.
As a bonus we provided the much sought-after famous Toasted Sesame Dressing to accompany our crispy creations…

Toasted Sesame Dressing…sensational!

Oh they looked so pretty!
And then we began the lessons about how to roll, how not to put too much in, about how to wrap a parcel.

And one of the triplets couldn’t stand the texture…interesting!
But good girl, she had an eager go, was disappointed by the experience, & fortunately, due to who knows what from the previous night, moved onto a ready & waiting vegetable flan.
Two serves later, yummy!!

An hour or so later, little hands were busy with new concepts, & all mouths were satisfied.

So we moved on to cooking the silver-side for the evening meal :)) & preparing the potatoes for mash, & cabbage to just be turned on when ready.

And then one of the boys, our middle man Mr.J, made Anzac biscuits, with a little less sugar…some special time with Mr.J!
Tomorrow we shall bring him his very own chefs cap :))

We guided, they performed, rolling & flattening between glimpses of a movie too interesting to leave for very long.

The oven proves to be a bit of a challenge, & some biscuits are a shade darker than desired, but we shall see tomorrow, what the verdict is to be…

Now, we seem to be having a bit of a challenge with the gorgeous kids-in-action shots :)) stick with us, we’ll sort it!!


  1. My kids love cooking classes! It’s funny, but where they make something themselves, they are more likely to eat it, even if it’s a new food.

    • Hey Susan, thanks for stopping by….yes, it’s emotional & physical involvement! It works a treat! :)) We’ve got a whole series unfolding which will be so interesting to tell. happy holidays xx Roni

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