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Kids Cooking Classes…Home School.

Kids Cooking Classes…Home School.
Skills in happy, healthy eating! Days 4, 5, & 6.

Oh my goodness!! What a week! In the lead-up week to Christmas, every bit of time has been at a premium, so consequently our daily reports have gone a little amiss:((

Whilst I am sincerely sorry about the details, I thought perhaps some gorgeous cooking snippets from our Kids Cooking Classes, bundled up into a one-post gift, would be appropriate for the festive season :))

Lots of cooking has been accomplished in the past 3 days…lots of little challenges addressed, skills attempted & “ah! ha!” moments had.

We made mini fruit & porridge popsicles from left-over breakfast.
They were great to make but not really a hit…
We learnt about not wasting food & being creative.
Thinking up ideas & having a go at turning it into something else.

We made spaghetti bolognaise for dinner, & a healthy cereal & honey slice for afternoon tea, both relished with gusto (& requests for repeat performance.)
It’s fun mixing & pushing the slice into the waiting tray.

We chopped & diced & made fried rice for lunch.
We all sat around the big dining table & shared our bounty, all much more desirable because of our personal contributions.

We learnt about time structure…

In the new year an alarm will signal each hour passing, & the next wave of children will be ready with hands cleaned & hair tied back…well that’s the theory :))

We learnt how to respect knives, & that another’s tool-of-trade are not to be handled without permission.
We learnt how & why to respect steam, water & power.

We learn to think, (what’s ¾ of a cup of flour? Turn on the back right stove element, the oven on to 350*)

We learn to read & pronounce, (what do the instructions say? What are the ingredients? Who will read the recipe?)

After much playful psychological wrestling with the boys, we manage to get them away from the computer games & take their turn in the kitchen.

Our tall boy has pretty well-developing knife skills & proudly gives us a demonstration.
We practise the finger positions to promote safety & awareness.

What can we do for fun? What do we love to eat?

We prepare all the vegetables, make bowls of everything ready, visually enjoy our feast, & then make wraps for lunch…yummy!!

We boil oranges for 2 hours, make orange & almond cupcakes, set up paper cases in the tins.
They choose stripes for the boys, flowers for the girls.

We make a vegetable curry & a beef curry, very mild, for dinner.
Mmmm, the smells are delightful!

We do have a few little power struggles over the days, which you would expect, within that range of ages (7-14.)
And it’s a rule to (respectfully) push the new kid on the block (me) to see how far you can get…:))

But these are great kids…they will try a bit, but will slip back quickly into little learning sponges, with a smidge of love & a pinch of management. encouragement :))
And a good game is always fun, break the ice, have a laugh…

We make custard for trifle, with home made apple & mango jelly, fresh fruit & the rest of the cupcakes from yesterday.

We make chicken enchiladas & bolognaise sauce for lasagne.
Everything is ready to pop in the oven when needed.

Lots of veggies, hard boiled eggs & fruit on sticks…we prepare for a picnic at the pool the next day.



It’s break-up time for the year, & the movies , a swim & a picnic will be an awesome treat to celebrate.
We all have a cheery goodbye, a holiday for a week, & meet up again fresh & ready to roll next year.

Happy holiday everybody…..:)) xx

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