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Kids Cooking Classes. Home School. Lesson #10

Kids Cooking Classes. Home School. Lesson #10.

Jam Drops & Push Bikes.

The kids didn’t want to cooking classes today. I don’t know why…they have had four days off so maybe they just didn’t want to get back into the swing of it. When I asked them how come, they said it was a bit boring now.

This is surprising because they’ve been loving it up till today…

Anyway, the thing to learn today is that out there in the big wide world, it’s not always about your preferences. Sometimes things just have to be done whether you like it or not. And you may as well put your happy cap on & get some joy along the way!

I think mum’s away & the pull of riding bikes around all day is strong :))

Apparently Miss J. had made the children nachos last week sometime, which they loved. So this is what they requested for lunch. And as luck would have it (or good organization by the current nacho queen, thankyou Miss J.) we just happened to have the required ingredients in the pantry! And the fridge!

Easy! And yummy!

Next choice for them was biscuits. We made a basic mix & divided into two. Half become jam drops, of two different varieties, while plenty of crunchy peanut butter was added to the rest.

We learned to be gentle with rolling the mixture & poking in the dip for the jam. And gentle too with squashing in the fork mark pattern.

We learned to be careful & respectful of the hot oven when putting them in to cook.

Rather than make something new, we made use of some spinach stuffed ravioli left from over last night.

The kids wanted to make a tasty meat free sauce to serve with the pasta, so we loaded it with veggies, mixed it through, sprinkled it with cheese, & popped it in the oven after the biscuits. All ready for mummy when she got home from a long day running errands.

So it’s the last of the icy-poles for the kids who stayed, & big thanks for their participation….

Even though we had to push repeatedly for the whole 3 hours, we did enjoy making & eating lots of things…& you know what? The bikes were still there waiting to be ridden when they had finished up :))

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