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Kids Cooking Classes. Home School. Lesson #11.

Kids Cooking Classes. Home School. Lesson #11.

The Processor.

The kids cooking classes were cut short today…a new stove, with 2 new self-cleaning ovens, was being installed!!! Yay!!

And so after yesterdays “battle with the bikes,” we thought all the amazing things you can do with a processor may just spark a renewed interest in the cooking game. So we lugged it from our home to theirs, well done it turns out.

After much discussion, bicycles being taken out of the equation, & subsequent equipment demonstration, the past intrigue was back with a vengeance….:))

Amid much scuffling & jostling to have “my turn, my turn” we organized a system for fairness… scissors, paper, rock! (Hey, it worked for them…)

What can we make with the ingredients available, that is good for us, & that will make optimum use of all this slicing, grating potential?

Start with cheese for pasta for lunch. The children were amazed at how fast it produced a pile of cheese. There was almost a sense of being ripped off amongst the awe! And they tumbled over their words when sharing their experience with such glee….there was my reward right there :))

And, because we had now already had one carbohydrate meal for the day, we decided a big, tasty, Italian minestrone soup would be in order for dinner.

And just give the brand spanking new grill a tiny little run with some toasted Turkish bread to accompany the meal.

That meant plenty of veggies to play with…

We peeled, grated, sliced, chopped, mashed & diced. We soaked beans & sautéed onions. We set up the biggest pot of soup with the most grated veggies you could imagine…

And (with the bikes momentarily forgotten) the light was back in their eyes, the joy back in their faces.

Dinner was ready for tonight!

We have even got a big container of sliced vegetables in the fridge, ready for a veggie bake tomorrow.

  1. Actually, you know, we learn far more from our disappointments than our successes…

  2. Sorry, I thought I had pressed the button on saying what fun your blog is for adults and kids alike! Apologies, you got a comment destine for someone else!

    • lol…that’s so true though Caro! And thanks heaps for the lovely compliment (& feedback :)) love Roni xx

  3. Great post! This brought back great memories of the days of homeschooling my 3 daughters. We had such fun learning to cook and bake!

    • Thanks Victoria…it is such fun isn’t it? And from the kitchen you can learn almost all you need to know, & solve the problems of the world :)) cheers for the feedback, love Roni xx

  4. I love your blog! I cook with my kiddos a LOT and find myself quite bored in the kitchen without them. Thanks for the great ideas!

    • Oh Amy, I’m so stoked something we do has triggered some joy for you! Let us know what you & the kiddos get up too…love Roni xx

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