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Kids Cooking Classes. Home School. Lesson #12.

Kids Cooking Classes. Home School. Lesson #12.

Little Guest Cooks.

The kids came rushing up to the car when I pulled up today for the cooking lesson. They had two little friends visiting & they wanted to share with them what they have been learning. Could they join in? They will be good…

So it’s 7 girls today & one special little boy. Even the babies want to have a go :))

After much pleading & general consensus, it was decided we would cook biscuits again. Plenty of measuring &timing, (maths), & reading & spelling, (English).

We remembered how to teach our new guest cooks to be gentle with rolling the mixture & pushing in the dip for the jam. We remembered to show them how to be gentle with the equipment & how to wash our hands properly.

We play noughts & crosses in the butter on the greases biscuit trays, that was fun!

It’s often great to learn different ways to tackle the same task, & this seems to be of repeat interest throughout most of our kitchen lives. We start observing from the time we are little, & new methods are always intriguing. The seed is sown….

We happily put more cheese through the processor, which thankfully was still in the car from yesterday’s lesson. They wanted to explain to how it works, to have a show & tell…

We warmed the minestrone up, toasted some more Turkish fingers & generously sprinkled our soup with the grated end result.

While the biscuits were baking we ate many bowls of this tasty goodness.

And then we put together the vegetable bake, using all the veggies we had prepared from the previous processor onslaught :))

This, with some savoury mince, will feed the hungry family tonight.

And our little guests are fantastic, they participate well & join in just like part of the team. Well done to all of our cooks!

  1. This is absolutely fabulous. Teaching young people how to work with food, making biscuits, kitchen sanitation, and all that is involved. What a great education you are giving them. It will stay with them for life. I wish this was a class offered in all the first and second grade classes in schools around the world. Do you have a chance to teach them a little vegetable gardening in the spring? That would bring it full cycle. Thanks so much for sharing all the great pictures.

    • Chef William, thankyou so much for noticing :)) & fortunately, yes, we sometimes do teach them about the cycle of a seed, low food miles, & making informed, personal choices about what they eat! It’s so stimulating & gives me such a buzz to open their little eyes & minds!!! love Roni xx

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