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Kids Cooking Classes. Home School. Lesson # 13.

Kids Cooking Classes. Home School. Lesson # 13.

Hamburgers, Lemon Sauce & Rasta Jelly.

What a fabulous kids cooking classes day we had today! Everyone was so keen for the lesson…fickle little things :))

Several days ago they had requested we make real hamburgers, & thankfully, our home school fridge was bulging with all the right ingredients!

So hair back, hands scrubbed (I don’t even need to mention it now :)) & off we go on our adventure of goodness….

We chop herbs, grate veggies to get some more vitamins in, & make faces on our breadboards with the piles we have produced.

In a flurry of activity, we cut out big circles from each slice of bread, leaving all the crusts. We mush these up & throw them in to help extend the burger mix, along with a couple of eggs & a splash of tomato sauce. A pinch of salt & a grind of pepper to finish off.

Little Mr. R rewashes his hands & dives in to combine it all…oohhh it’s so cold! Lot’s of laughter ensues….

We toast the bread rounds & fry off the patties. We feel the difference between a kitchen knife & a serrated blade for slicing tomatoes, learn how to shred lettuce as finely as we can, & how to keep fingers tucked back out of the way.

We line up some beetroot & some mayonnaise, & set it all on the bench to assemble ourselves!

Oh what delight! Excitedness, jostling, anticipation….& then quietness!!! “So good! The best hamburgers in the world! Can we please have some more?”

Fortunately there was enough for round two :))

And then we made a Chinese Lemon Sauce, generally for chicken, but these guys will eat it with fish tonight. They were amazed by the feeling of the cornflour, it’s resistance while stirring.

To top it all off, we each made a jelly of Rasta colours. We each had to measure the water, work it all out with a 1/3 cup measure, the boiling & the cold.

And then we layered it as it cooled, in a glass bowl, so we could see the pretty colours.

A little reward. A fitting end to a productive session!

Happy little campers :))

  1. What a great cooking class. I hope the kids enjoyed their fish with lemon sauce and the rasta jelly just as much as they liked the burgers.

    • Me too Tracey…lol :)) Thanks so much for being so spontaneous with your much appreciated involvement …love Roni xx

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