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Kids Cooking Classes…Home School

Kids Cooking Classes…Home School
Skills in happy, healthy eating. Day 3.

Yay!!! Apart from one biscuit, they all got eaten, & liked even!!! :))

We did however, walk in to our oldest, tallest boy about to devour a plate piled high with last nights meat & a puddle of bbq sauce equally as big.

With no thought about spreading it around, or waiting another hour for lunch with everyone else…He’s a growing boy! “I’m a teenager!” he says. Always hungry!

Meanly for him, we put a sudden stop to those plans, & turned all yesterday’s left-over vegetables, sliced meat & a couple of tins of lentils into patties for all to share.

They were a hit thankfully, with several of the children helping with the mixing, & two of the triplets peeling apples for a much pleaded for apple pie at dinner time.

It’s busy around the little kitchen bench!
We chat away about likes & dislikes…
Smiley faces are made in the apples with the pointy end of the peeler.

A few pics are taken, amid a bit of faux coyness & a touch of exhibitionism…all very well behaved actually.

We tossed the slices in a little bit of raw sugar & a sprinkle of cinnamon & piled them high into the flan dish.

Then with the little pastry we had left, we made strips to criss-cross over the top in a pretty pattern.
The girls are happy…& a little bit excited with anticipation!

The kids do some maths, reading & spelling around the table with their other tutors, & our tall boy, 14 year old Mr.C. comes into the kitchen to help me prepare their dinner. A bit of time for some one-on-one.

Still working our way through the pantry & the fridge, we find some chicken breasts, coconut milk, beans, onions, tomatoes & some spices.
We make a yummy looking (& smelling) Tikka kind-of-dish, in the pot ready to be heated at a suitable time.

We set the rice up with instructions he relates to, & we check out how pappadums cook in the micro wave oven.

Just put them around the outside rim, not touching, on for 1 minute.
They puff up! Half at first, & then whole!
Very cool!!
There’s a chemistry lesson right there…Mr.C. is happy!!
Can’t wait to show his friend tonight when he visits.

We give all the kids a pappadum to taste…they are not convinced.
Crazy kids :))

We suggest they give them another chance with some sauce & rice at dinner time tonight…& praise them for being open to new tastes & experiences, & for having a go!!

So the apple & cinnamon pie is in the oven, smelling awesome.
The chicken Tikka is on the stove, smelling awesome.
The rice is all set, ready to cook, & the pappadums await!

All instructions are good to go!
My work here is done!

I think we are all looking forward to next week already :))
Happy weekend everybody…..

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