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Kids Cooking Classes…Maleny Dairies.

 Thursdays with Theo & Thumbelina…

Maleny Dairies…

a re-visit with our own special little people…

Today we went on the tour of the working farm, Maleny Dairies…home of the best dairy products far & wide. The cows are from a good paddock :)), the calves cheeky & curious, the goats full of character, & the chooks oblivious to the crowd in their endless delightful foraging. All are healthy & happy on this lush green sprawl of beauty….

The kids giggle & squeal in excitement, up close & personal, with this family company’s hands-on experience. It is so valuable for them to really know where milk comes from, how it all actually happens… & we are extremely fortunate to have these professional tours so easily accessible!


The tour is awesome….

So with our happy little hands firmly clutched around our cache of the freshest of products, straight from the farm, we head on home.


We animatedly babble about our memories. We watched a cow being hand-milked & we tasted the warm, squirty milk straight from the teats. We fed the boisterous poddy calves, who butted their heads for more, & nearly pushed us over.

The goat pinched the cows hay, & sneaked into the hen house when someone left the gate ajar. Lots of goats made cute “mma mmaa” noises, & chooks pecked away at anything they could find on the ground. The roosters made loud crowing calls & the puddles were big & splashy.

We saw long rows of cows amble in a single row, around the dam, heading towards the dairy, where the hay was waiting in the trough. We saw them all line up with the milking machines twinkling while they munch away & give us all their milk.  And then off they went  into their rest paddock, udders empty, bellies content.


High on our adventure, & our newly acquired knowledge, we can’t wait to crack open our milk, our yoghurt, our cream, our custard & our eggs, & create some magical yumminess.

First we make a rich, creamy, garlicky, parmesan pasta sauce with the thick, real-tasting cream that we brought home from the Dairies. And cook some spinach & ricotta tortellini, & mix in some pumpkin & some pistachios.


Then we make some red curry chicken pies, (not too hot,) with white sauce made from Maleny milk. We get shallots from the garden, we paint the lids with egg wash, & we sprinkle them with sesame seeds.

It must be time for a big, cold drink of this yummy, fresh milk…mmmm, we can’t stop!


Next we make some quiches, little ones & big ones, with lots of veggies, & bacon, & cheese, some olives, some fetta. And fresh eggs from the farm, & more cold milk mixed with thick, thick cream.

We whisk up some yoghurt, mint & hummus to have with our lamb after all of the cooking is done.


The last thing we make is sweet, sticky rice pudding, with sultanas & vanilla beans.

Don’t think there will be any room left to fit dinner in tonight… think we’ll just have a bath & go home to bed.

Thumbelina sent us some pictures of her making yummy dairy things down at the snow. She knows we will be cooking today, so she put her chefs hat on & pretended she was with us :)) Thanks precious xx  We can’t wait to take you to Maleny Dairies when you come home…it’s so much fun!


  1. How absolutely wonderful, you all looked like you had a whole heap of fun. I just love cooking with kids 🙂

  2. I really enjoyed your post! Just came back from the farm a few days ago having had the tour, meeting many of the animals who provide wonderful raw milk, heavy cream, yogurt. The chickens where we brought home 6 dozen fresh eggs. Nothing better than fresh real food. Thanks for sharing that adventure with the children. It is awesome they are not only learning where their food comes from they are learning how to prepare wonderfully delicious meals. Those events with kids are the events that will change our world. Thank you.

    • Thanks so much Anita-Clare & Wendy for sharing our adventure….yes, we think it’s highly valuable to teach the kids about food miles & choices. Fun education is our key!! :)) xx

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