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Kids Cooking Classes….Rice Paper Rolls

Kids Cooking Classes….Rice Paper Rolls
Well, here we are again, Thursdays with Thumbelina & Theo!

Aside from being freezing cold in the mornings, the days here lately have been beautiful, sunny & warm.
Particularly behind the protective shelter of big glass windows.
So, with the kiss of sun on our skin, we decide to make some of our crunchy, healthy favourites…Rice Paper Rolls.

The kids have joined forces a few times to construct their own lunch, & they love making their own choices, which this project provides.
Little chairs are backed up to the work bench, aprons donned, hair tied back & hands scrubbed.

At Food That Sings, we julienne all the hard veggies…they peel them, we cut them.
Then, in the fridge, they find whatever they’d like to add, we put it all into individual bowls, & set up their wrapping stations.

We’ve got carrot, zucchini, snow-pea shoots, shredded mint, chicken, vermicelli, water chestnuts, red onion, capsicum & tuna.

A tea-towel for each little person, a large flat bowl of tepid water, a side plate for the finished masterpieces, rows of wonderfully coloured textural goodness, & a plastic, squirty bottle of our special Toasted Sesame Dressing.

Recipe how-to on the blog…a taste sensation so worth the time.
It’s a marriage made in heaven!

The little people animatedly discuss their individual choices, we ask them their reasons :))
It’s loud, active, competitive & concentrated.
It’s making choices, standing tall in their own independence, allowing each other a difference of opinion, pleasantly defending their individual decisions, & sharing the bounty.

They learn to have a go, & it really doesn’t matter if they all don’t look quite the same.
That’s okay, it’s a bit funny really, these rolls have character…

All of this in their own safe & comfortable environment.
And they have become much more attached to the end result, which, of course, we much appreciate.
Good, healthy tucker in their precious little tummies!

Mission accomplished, warts & all, we give the kitchen a bit of a spruce up.
Cover left-over bits, put things in the fridge, wipe the benches, & get a big drink of water.

The table awaits, so we carry our prize over & pull up a chair. Fun & games.
Which one looks the best? Which one tastes the best?
It’s all good…the kids are occupied, happy & well fed.
Plus they’ve had a fun experience!

Mummies & Daddies can come get them now…

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