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Kids Cooking Classes. Salad & Something….



Thursdays with Theo & Thumbelina

Salad & Something….

Right, bit lost for inspiration today….but joy is in the house, in the form of a certain little Theo bursting with after school stories & a thirsty hunger :))

Not much sugar is allowed to pass those lips, so as a treat, when they come to our house, they often have a drink of pink milk, which they love.

This afternoon, after the icy cold milk, our hot-blooded little Theo, has a tub of thick, creamy Maleny Diaries Mango yoghurt….that ought to be the calcium fix for strong, growing bones!

We sit across the table from each other & play paddocks, line for line, from dot to dot, who will get the most initials in their secured squares? You can see little minds racing…if I put this line here will I be safe? Or will I give away a paddock?


We laugh, we chat, & we miss our little people far, far away….Theo & Thumbelina.

We look at pictures sent to us on the phone, they’re having such fun! Making snow men, snow angels, tobogganing, speeding down the baby slopes…white & fun & freezing!!

But cooking must go on! They excitedly tell me on the phone that they are going to make Theo’s favourite tonight, lasagne.


When we were all living in close proximity, we would often have this dinner together as a family, at our Thursday night gathering.

So in honour of their memories of us cooking & sharing together on Thursdays, these gorgeous little creatures are making one of our family favourites…

Isn’t that just so adorable? Cooking across the miles, the kids cooking classes go on, sharing photos by phone, continuing the Thursday tradition :)) Precious.

Theo grates cheese, lays down the pasta sheets, helps with the sauces & spoons them in when ready. Thumbelina helps with the pasta sheets, spreads the sauces around & sprinkles the cheese.

All rugged up in their caravan in the snow, they wait in the warmth of the oven while their masterpiece turns golden brown & delicious.

We chat about the salad we’ll make, big, tasty flavours of goodness…olives, bocconcini, red capsicum, fresh zucchini.  That will be awesome with their lasagne…. & up here in the sunny state, we will do the same!


We decide on chicken tenderloin skewers with lashings of satay sauce & a pile of basmati rice with our salad….too hot up here for lasagne tonight!

And so Theo helps thread the chicken onto wooden skewers, & tries to chop some peanuts for the satay sauce. That’s pretty funny & peanuts go flying everywhere…oh well, that’s what brooms are for!

You can make your own satay sauce, it’s so much yummier… here’s the spot.

It’s amazing how last week we were marketing & cooking together up here in the sun, & this week we are so far apart, yet still cooking & sharing our eating experience.

How very blessed…. :))

Our dinner is delectable….bet theirs is too!

  1. What a wonderful blog, wonderful mouthwatering pictures too – Mmmmmm I really fancy Chicken satay now. There is something incredibly wonderful about cooking with ‘little ones’ I love nothing better than cooking with my nephew and niece, somehow the food always tastes just that bit better.

    • You are awesome Anita-Clare, thankyou for your loveliness :)) Here’s to the love of food :))

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