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Kids Cooking Classes…learning from each other.

Thursdays with Theo & Thumbelina
Kids Cooking Classes

Maybe we will have to change the title for our kids Cooking Classes…
But for now, she’s back!!! Our precious little Thumbelina!

For those of you who don’t know the story, a quick catch-up… it’s about our little people.

They used to come & spend Thursdays with us at Food That Sings, the boys after school & Thumbelina for the whole day.

We would cook things together, learn about food, presentation & cleanliness, watch the seasons change from our lofty view, sing songs about everything, maybe have a theme for the day, learn about caring, & sharing, personal choices, & respect. We would sweep the leaves off the deck, water plants, pick fresh veggies. And make dinner for mummy & daddy.

Then we’d take it all to the family home, ready to gather round the long table with several family members after a long day at work. We shared our stories, our lessons & our love.

Quite suddenly, Thumbelina & her mummy & daddy moved to the snow for the season….they bought property, they got jobs, & for now we don’t cook together any more :(( At least physically.

Reluctant to let those precious times flee, we devised an ingenious plan…we would Skype on Thursday nights!! So, whilst we were hundreds of miles apart, our thoughts & consequent actions, were still based around food, in its regional versions, at least on Thursdays.

They gather ingredients, they cook, we cook. They send us kitchen-action photos, & finished product ready-to-eat pictures. We each have our respective dinners, & then talk about it all on Skype…

But now she’s back!! And we’re making strawberry kebabs, with chocolate swirls, & some dipped in hundreds & thousands for a naughty treat:)) And some with white chocolate.

Stories get told of the cold & the white…of exciting adventures, of falling down, getting “just a little bit hurt”. Of great balance, cleverness, new friends & southern family.

There are stories of visits to the city, flower shows, historical museums & huge, colourful farmers markets. And the products they see that remind them of our times together in the kitchen.

The tastes, the smells, the sights…it swells my heart to know that these things bring them right back to sharing around our table, to our times chatting over chopping boards.

With purchases tucked away, the cooking anticipation would begin….

But for now, the kids have got chocolate in their hair, all over their little faces & fingers, & Thumbelina is giving her best effort to retrieving every morsel of chocolate from the underside of the bowl!

If you want to know more about our Kids Cooking Classes go here….there are plenty of stories!

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