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Kids Cooking Classes…Home School Lesson #7

Kids Cooking Classes…Home School

Lesson #7

Yay!  We are back after a two week break from kids cooking classes over the festive period….I missed the little tackers!

Figuring there would be no food left in the house, a quick shopping trip for plenty of vegetables & a little grocery top-up was in store :))

Surprisingly, (but pleasantly for me) all of the children wanted to stay home…but it was deemed by the powers that be, that today, the boys would go on an activity outing & the girls would stay with me & cook. Tomorrow it will be the reverse.

We asked the boys to think about what they would like to cook & eat tomorrow when it was their turn…& to let us know when they returned.

We took the crepe pan, thinking crepes would be fun to make for lunch & we could have a variety of toppings, based on vegetarian or meat-eaters preference.

First we made the crepe batter & the girls measured out 1/3 cup of flour & oil each & cracked 1 egg into the bowl.

It was fun!  We chatted about which kind of horses they would get when they had land, & they asked me about my brothers & sisters & how old I was when I started playing in the kitchen (their words :))

And then, along with 2 cups of added milk & a pinch of salt, they took turns in beating it all up. We poured it into 2 pans & swirled it to just cover the bottom. The girls loved the knob of butter bubbling, melting between each load…cool, they said.

Next it was a thick cheese sauce, & they liked the way the butter melted there too as it cooked the flour. Lots of milk, cook, stir, cook, stir…until it’s done!

We made the favourite old chicken & asparagus filling, & tossed some of the fried veggies through the cheese sauce for the alternative choice.

Chopping all those veggies for the lasagne sauce was a bit of a drama :)) The girls came up with ingenious ways to combat onion fumes…tongues sticking out, big 3D goggles on, circular breathing.

They learned about some new vegetables, & even tasted them. They didn’t like the purple skin on the eggplant….

So my devious plan in future lessons, will be to try them in several different ways so that memory will fade & their pallets won’t be further restricted.

One of our little 9 year olds nicked herself with a knife & we all had a valuable reminder of respecting sharp objects. The first-aid kit was at the ready & a band-aid fixed it promptly. Then it was back to the job at hand…

While all this was going on, we made some leek & cauliflower soup, (because the kids love soup) & a bolognaise sauce for the lasagne for dinner.

The boys roll in, we give them assorted crepes. There’s silly adolescent, teenage boy stuff going on, licking each others food, finding out, spitting it out!

I think I lost my cool!

In no uncertain terms I explain to them that they will not disrespect any food like that, nor my time & effort. Do they understand what I am saying? Will I have to explain that to them ever again?

I think they got it!

Okay, now what did they come up with for their choices tomorrow? The shopping list grows…

Because we could only find one big baking dish, we made the lasagne half & half.

On the meat end we finished the white sauce & grated cheese off with a BBQ sauce swirly pattern for definition :)) Another kids cooking classes memory.

My own personal little break-through was the little 2 year old twins climbing up to the bench & sprinkling on the cheese. Mt first real interaction with these shy little girls…so awesome! So cute!

And there it is, in the dish, ready to be popped into the oven an hour before dinner time!

  1. You are doing an awesome job Roni! Love watching you and the kids interacting. You’re teaching me a few new tricks too.Keep up the great work.

  2. That’s so awesome Shizza, thanks so much for taking the time to share :)) The kids are like fun little sponges…

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