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Kids Cooking Classes…Home School. Lesson #8

Kids Cooking Classes…Home School.

Lesson #8

Today for the kids cooking classes, the boys requested crepes again, (because they didn’t get to do them yesterday). They also wanted to cook chocolate chip cupcakes, & cheesy mac .

Not all that nutritional, but for this start-back week, we can run primarily with the kids choices…we will just substitute with rice milk & gluten free flours, plus add lots of veggies :))

We took the chef tools in to the home school kitchen today. Much intrigue as we gathered around & handled all the equipment, guessing what each was used for. You could see the interest, & we will put as many of the pieces to good use as we can…like apple corers, micro-planes & candy thermometers, for example.

The little 2 year-olds were keen today to climb up on chairs & help. A strange concept to them I’m sure, but for the benefit of the older kids as well, we insisted that to climb aboard at this bench, hair must be tied back & hands washed with soap & water.

They are such good kids…despite meeting a bit of resistance, they all helped make it happen. And they are learning the protocol of food handling & cleanliness, order amongst chaos :))

The babies had their own boards & baby pate knives. They loved mangling the cauliflower  & broccoli flowerets & adding them to the bowl….& they ate raw veggies!!! They even used several words when prompted…that’s exciting!

We learnt how to spell & write a few more words & stuck them on the fridge to show mum later. Broccoli, cauliflower, leek & lasagne.

We poached some chicken breasts for the meat-eaters to have with their cheesy mac, & learned what part of the chicken it came from…& that chooks didn’t breast feed their young :))

So veggies ready, & white sauce done, we take a break for lunch & end up eating lots of left-over lasagne. Even the little girls ate!! Break-throughs everywhere!

Tummies satisfied, we set about making cupcakes…of course all of the kids wanted to help (& to lick the bowl & beaters.)

Not one thing was done until they could read the instructions, & as they worked their way through the words, we performed the actions.

Pre-heat oven to…add 1 egg & ½ cup of…mix with wooden spoon…you know how it goes!

Mmmmm, the smells. They loved the scent of the mixture, & they loved the smell of the cakes cooking….much anticipation.

Meanwhile, the cheesy mac was all prepared. Noodles cooked, veggies & cheese folded through white sauce, all combined & poured into a big baking dish. Sprinkled with a little remaining cheese ready to pop into the oven when the cupcakes came out….

And amid much excitement, Nana arrived….

  1. How wonderful was that? It’s been ages since mine were little and fought over the bowl and beaters, good times though.

    • Yes Cairn, it’s surprisingly refreshing! It reminds me so much of growing up in a huge family, the sharing, the caring, the little annoyances & how quickly they are overcome. There’s a whole new book right there :))

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