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Kids Cooking Classes…Home School. Lesson #9

Kids Cooking Classes…Home School.

Lesson #9

Hummmm, what to do for today’s kids cooking class??? Several of the children are away on excursion today, so maybe we will keep it low-key.

Perhaps  some fruit salad, we can practise our cutting skills, & use the peeler, apple corer, melon baller & maybe the micro-plane to grate in some fresh coconut.

We might even take some chocolate & the kids can melt some & dip in strawberries on toothpicks.

Yesterday, I got the triplets names mixed up. After my apology they tell me not to say sorry, that everybody does it all the time. (They sometimes even swap clothes to have a laugh at us….cheeky girls.)

I remember from being in a huge family, not having any individuality…which prompts me to get them name badges. Funky ones, with their very own little stamp on them, their own design. It’ll make a great craft project. (It’ll make it much easier for me too!:))

The kids rush to the door to greet me which is a fabulous sign…even the 2 little babies, so inroads have definitely been made with them :))

We go through the hand washing, hair up ritual. We make patterns in apple peels, & have fun trying all the equipment.

It’s clean up time, then we all sit down at the huge dining table & have lunch together…as many bowls of fruit salad as we like!

Safety gates are being fitted to the kitchen area, so amid much juggling & banter, the boys help with the tools & the girls help chop assorted veggies for tonight’s stir-fry (it’s just the way they gravitated :))

It was cool having the yin & the yang working merrily side by side…everybody had a task & everybody helped contribute.

A few different kinds of mushroom were explored, cooked & tasted. Ginger, garlic, carrot, zucchini,  & onion cooked off, loads of parsley thrown in, & a creamy honey mustard sauce made. Rice cooked & beef strips seared.

Ready to heat & assemble!

  1. I have a large family and we home school, and I find hours spent in the kitchen with my kiddos are some of our best! All that chopping and mixing and sauteing is fun for them, and productive for me! Thanks for this article!

    • I am so rewarded Amy, by the sparkle in their eyes…there’s so much they are learning, maths, pronunciation, reading, spelling, life skills, people skills, survival skills, creative skills…all from this tiny little kitchen! Astounding!!!

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