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Kitchen Sessions…Game Plan! Useful tips.

Do you know what to do when you need to prepare lots of food?IMG_2703

We did a fun little function a couple of days ago, Mad Hatters Tea Party theme, fabulous costumes, funky music, cool ambiance & of course, fantastic tasty little morsels of food…
All this blogging has got me re-checking on so many of the little things you just do in your everyday life, without taking too much notice. So this time we took note of the procedure as the days operation unfolded.

We discovered some pretty useful tips for any domestic situation where you are doing a few hours preparing in the kitchen. Say for a special dinner, or a baking day, or setting up meals for the week of a busy working family, whenever you are going to have a play around the benches.
At home, you may grab a friend, a bottle of red & pump that music a little louder, to help create this warming experience. So whether at home or in a professional situation, it is important to get yourself set up first! To create the space & set the scene…. First up, select your tunes & get that music cruising. Make sure your phone is near, your water bottle is full, & pen & paper is handy, for lists of anything that pops up. (For me it becomes a time of contemplation, of imagining, of reflecting & processing, like those moments when you are in the shower, or just as you are waking…I think they are called God moments).

Anyway, I have found that some form of recording ideas is essential for ongoing projects & defining concepts. Also, check your ventilation is adequate as well.
Make sure everything you need is on hand, all your ingredients are ready to roll….
Then get kitted-up…comfy shoes, hair back out of the way, hands all scrubbed & ready to go!

Now, give a moment’s thought to the order that things need to go into the oven, or even into the processor. You would want to beat your egg whites in the processor before you went on to making fishcakes for example. Think clean to messy. Likewise, you don’t want the strong smells of one thing cooking, to permeate into delicate others, using fish cakes with meringue example again.
And what things need the longest time to cook, to cool, to decorate? Maybe even what dishes will fit into your oven space at the same time?
If you give these things just a little thought, you will find a much more streamlined approach, & consequently, a much more enjoyable activity. It’s the synchronicity that comes with practise, find the rhythm, the kitchen dance… it’s a chaotic joy to behold! And never take it too seriously. Laugh, have fun, sing, get in the groove…
Remember to drink lots of water! And wash up as you go!!!! (It makes all the difference to the end experience!)

So to recap….
*create your space….music, water, ventilation
*get kitted-up….comfy shoes, hair, clean hands
*have all ingredients ready to go
*think about what takes the longest time to prepare
*& which things to do first
*drink water…wash dishes
*put your feet up, have a laugh
*taste, taste, taste

For us at Food That Sings, in our professional catering kitchen, then comes time for plating & decorating, (presentation). Packaging & labelling to go out to a function. Doing an inventory of all equipment sent off, & a running sheet of what’s on offer & in what order to send it out.
Time then for a well earned sit-down, maybe a long, cold drink, & put your feet up for a bit! Time then for a little mental re-do of your day, of how you feel about what you’ve produced, of what you’ve learnt. Time then for a good laugh, stimulating conversation & much anticipated tasting..



  1. FAB!

    • It’s such fun Caro…thanks for sharing with us :)) love Roni xx

  2. Love the idea of the theme and of course planning. Just went to a pasta cooking demo and hands-on learning session. Apart from the pasta instructions one thing the chef stressed was overall planning in all areas of cooking. Nice post. Looks like y’all had FUN!

    • Planning really is the key Carolina, then it’s just do the little kitchen symphony :)) And thanks for stopping by, yep, we always have fun :))cheers Roni xx

  3. Each of us have our own routines. since we have guests (and plenty of them) every Friday night and holidays, my routine (which means leaving work early) is simple. NPR on- check. Prepare the soup- which needs the most time to cook. Prepare the main course dish- so it can be popped in the oven (or other cooking modality) with sufficient time to be ready 52 minutes into the evening. Then, prepare the salad (placed in the fridge), the dessert (likewise), and then prepare the vegetables and side dishes. Then, clean the counters. Finally, wash the floors and flop onto a chair and relax. Await the guests…

    • Hey Roy…you’ve got it sorted! A man of well versed synchronising…it’s such a fun kitchen dance don’t you think? :)) Well done & thanks for the tips, Roni xx

    • I want Roy at my house. 😉

  4. I love to cook to music and set the stage, so to speak, on the production of a great meal. You’ve inspired me to get cooking.
    I love the pictures too!

  5. Oh Debi, how sweet, thankyou! I love that you set the scene & make it fun! You get a much better result that way, & then everybody gets to enjoy your efforts :)) Win, win…love Roni xx

  6. This was so much fun to read, Roni, and I can tell from the pictures that you are an accomplished cook and hostess! Usually I cook with my daughter, and we load the CD player and each of us get our “stations” set up, and we do a little dance around the kitchen, too, as we move about doing as much as we can in our small kitchen. It’s such fun!

    • Oh that’s the ticket Amy…it so stimulates me to see others having fun cooking, yay! Thanks so much for sharing your joy :)) love Roni xx

  7. Great pictures – I’m feeling hungry now. This is the sort of post I need, as the kitchen is not my natural habitat.

    • So stoked we could help Paris…please let us make it easier for you in any way we can! And enjoy!! love Roni xx

  8. This is great advice. Writing it all down from a mental picture of what will happen on the day is perfect. Much easier to enjoy the experience when you know it’s all going to turn out just fine.

    • yep Maureen…it all comes together so much more joyfully doesn’t it! We love systems…:)) xx

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