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In My Kitchen…

In My Kitchen…Montville roses

One of my favourite bloggers published a post today, suggesting we share with other food-minded people what’s “in my kitchen.” Check out this lushness by Celia @ Fig Jam and Lime Cordialpear & pistachio

So here’s my quick over-view from January…

Time for salads after all that festive cheer! Lots of salads. New year, new eating plan. my sisters garden

We intend to go much more alkaline this year. So it’s Apple Cider Vinegar, lemon juice in water & more green smoothies to start the day.

They are loaded with goodness & not that hard to get used to. We find adding half a piece of fruit makes it all the more palatable. Hey, & if that works, I’m going the fruit….green smoothies

We concentrated on gluten-free food for a bit (as we always lean that way naturally) spare ribs

And we made Chicken, Asparagus & Roast Pumpkin Risotto for our hard-working brother who is renovating our house :))

Gotta love a good brother.risotto

We then took a road trip & cooked plenty of yummy things for mum & dad in Victoria….like roast, & cake, & pies & soups.

Freezer fillers for their tiny but appreciative appetites :))sweet potato & ginger soup

We picked limes, pineapples, loads of fresh basil & butter lettuce from the back garden. We dug up ginger & turmeric for our juices.

And cut exquisite little old-fashioned Montville roses to grace our pineapple

The most exciting thing that happened for me at least, was the arrival of my new knife from Japan. Who wouldn’t love some of that gorgeous Japanese folded steel & craftsmanship!!!

It’s so pretty, & feels so good in my hand….right, what can I chop? :))


Oh wait! There’s another thing happening in my kitchen over the bench top ….my talented sister has shown me some preliminary sketches for the new Saucy book that makes my heart sing! That is pretty huge & exciting for me because no style or suggestions have inspired me until now….

I have been on the search for satisfaction with these illustrations for months & months. And here she is!!! I am so grateful. Such a clever girl….you can find her at She has such a gift for teaching, do yourself a favour if you come across her classes.

Saucy recipe

Time for a coffee now & a renewed vigour at working on the book.

My humble apologies to all you special darlings who are patiently waiting for this little book of gems. And much gratitude as always, for your support.

Seven Saucy Secrets is on it’s way……coffee


  1. Everything looks SO good but honestly, that little pineapple and its admirer win my heart. 🙂 I’m so glad to see an In My Kitchen post. You’ll make lots of new friends by being in this list.

    • Oh thanks Maureen. She is a little cutie.
      My granddaughter Luka, she loves to come foraging in the back garden every time she comes over.
      Quite the character…& loves to learn.
      It’s a good story :)) xx

  2. Can’t wait for the book!!! Everything looks scrumptious as usual!!!

    • Yeah, thanks Kel, these illustrations are so much more in line with what I’ve been trying to find, so now I’ll get the ball rolling again :))
      It will happen eventually…xx

  3. Such beautiful pics and sentiments…thanks again for your lovely words!

    • Very cool Carolyn, you are very deserving. I know how hard you work at you bounty of skills & talents.
      Thanks for stopping by & commenting :))
      Ciao bella!

  4. Oh M G, love every morsel, I mean word, I mean bit or is it bite, oh you know what I mean. I hear your voice in every word, love love love!!! Can’t wait/weight (sorry, so many puns 🙂 ) for the book, can we pre order?

    • Aren’t you gorgeous Julie :))
      Thanks for your kind words.
      No pre-ordering just yet….will keep you posted.
      Love back xxx

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