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Our last 10 days, Cinque Terre, Nice & Provence.

Our last 10 days, Cinque Terre, Nice & Provence.Cinque Terre, Nice & Provence

Our last 10 days, Cinque Terre, Nice & Provence. Or another way to say it is from the Italian Riviera to the French Riviera…

A regional train delivers us, across beautiful Tuscany countryside, from Villa Campestri to Florienze, where we hook up with the rest of the traveling troop.Cinque Terre, Nice & Provence

We train to Piza for a lunch stop & the obligatory hold-up-the-tower photos, & then move on to Monterosso, one of the 5 colourful & quaint little coastal villages in north west Italy.Cinque Terre, Nice & Provence

As always, the fabulous mojitos successfully pleased us again, also great restaurants recommended by locals.

We had been keenly encouraged to venture up into the hills for a spectacular goosebumpy view of the night lights, fabulous hospitality & lovingly home cooked food.Cinque Terre, Nice & Provence

Unfortunately for me, a stupid head cold decided to reign on my parade & I wasn’t able to tackle the evening air. But it will definitely be on the agenda for the next visit.Cinque Terre, Nice & Provence

One restaurant we frequent is directly under the railway corridor, which is sometimes noisy, humorously freaky, & right beside the ocean, where seafood on your plate could not get any fresher & portions could hardly be more generous.Cinque Terre, Nice & Provence

Cinque Terre is all very stunning but as our time was brief, we only managed to check out a couple of the towns.

However, the elevation, the fresh, unspoilt views & cruisy atmosphere, the lunches & the cold drinks were greatly appreciated. Cinque Terre, Nice & Provence

And then we are off to Nice. Ah Nice, a place we love…

We take a Mercedes mini van to the station as it is the only vehicle big enough for 6 of us & all our luggage.

We chat about dragging it up & down railway station steps 3-4 times, & that little adventure taking the best part of the day.Cinque Terre, Nice & Provence

Amazingly, one of our ladies generously decides to spring a couple of hundred euros extra, & we hire the van instead. So we cruise along in style, 4 hours, from Italy to France. Who does that???!!!  

It was fun & yet another solid grin for the memory banks.Cinque Terre, Nice & Provence

Because we have stayed a few times at Hotel Cresp with its quirky old charm & it’s perfect location in the old part of Nice, the special lady owners are now our French Riviera family.Cinque Terre, Nice & Provence

We have fun & games, snacks & wine with them on the rooftop.

We go out to dinner in the streets with them, we share the roar & the celebration of animated French folk as the town erupts with the football cup semifinal win.Cinque Terre, Nice & Provence

We explore pretty St Paul De Vence, just a bus ride away.

My best purchase, a sheer & beautiful tablecloth from there, & cicada weights from Avignon.Cinque Terre, Nice & Provence

Monaco one day, hanging with the luxury, opulence & magnificence of the yachts, chandeliers, architecture, cars & clothing.

Designer everything….it’s hot, thirsty work. Cinque Terre, Nice & Provence

In Nice 2 years previously, we had discovered, in a rooftop bar which became out nightly pre-retiring spot, the worlds best creme brûlée (accompanied by a grey goose martini of course,) overlooking our favourite twinkling seaside city.Cinque Terre, Nice & Provence

It was with some anticipation we took the crew there.

Damn! Wouldn’t you know it! They’d changed the menu…lol.

Our mission to find the best one has been reignited….but Nice nougat is awesome too ????Cinque Terre, Nice & Provence

We say goodbye to a couple more of the girls as they head back to Australia & then the remaining 4 of us hire a cute little BMW sports car & head to Provence for a few days.Cinque Terre, Nice & Provence

Uzes, another magical historical town, awesome markets, fantastic fresh produce, fabulous linen, prettily lit village squares, restaurants, cathedrals & arches.Cinque Terre, Nice & Provence

We find a friend running in a marathon….had local beer & the best burger, with duck, under the stars.Cinque Terre, Nice & Provence

Stayed in an old rundown villa in the country along with a bunch of French women. Once we became accustomed to the rusticness, it was quite charming.

With baby goats & laden grapevines, breakfast in the garden & big plans unfolding….Cinque Terre, Nice & Provence

We moved on to Arles, once home to Van Gough. An arty town, very eclectic & interesting.

It’s got it’s own colosseum, ruins, lots of Spanish influence.Cinque Terre, Nice & Provence

I think I’d like to spend some time there.

Impressive street Paella, giant pans in production on every corner. I even got to stir one….look at all those pans.Cinque Terre, Nice & Provence

We visited abbeys & lavender fields in full bloom, the outstanding Pont du Gard & the gorgeous St. Remy de Provence.Cinque Terre, Nice & Provence

On our last night we go to friends vineyards & they kindly made dinner for us in the family farm house.

Ahhh the smells!! Real French cooking!Cinque Terre, Nice & Provence

Accompanied by joyous conversation & amazing wines produced right there by our talented marathon queen.

Special times with special ladies.Cinque Terre, Nice & Provence

We play in fields of sunflowers.

We head back to Nice, pick up extra belongings from our friends at The Cresp, have a goodbye lunch, specially made for us, on the rooftop.Cinque Terre, Nice & Provence

And then start the long trek home.

One of the girls asked what I thought of our culinary experience across Europe. Good question…maybe theres a story in that!

Cinque Terre, Nice & ProvenceImmediately, 3 things spring to mind. I need to give that some considered thought, they were many & varied, & I would do it again in a heartbeat, could do it for the rest of my days (although I did find 6kgs.)Cinque Terre, Nice & Provence

So here we are at the end of yet another epic adventure we still can’t quite believe ourselves.Cinque Terre, Nice & Provence

It’s time to get home, settle into the re-evaluating list, establish some structure & implement new ideas.

And take serious diet.

Thanks so much for journeying along with us in your armchair… ✏️✏️✏️✏️Cinque Terre, Nice & Provence

  1. Sounds perfect. Love yr pics Roni

    • Thanks Val. You know all the fun & games….
      Many stories of the last Art Tour surfaced & you guys gave us many grins, especially when mojito’s were involved :)) xx

  2. What an adventure xxx

    • Indeed :)) & one you were with me on many times in spirit too…..big love xx

  3. Wonderful words Roni, I’ve loved your adventures x

    • Ah thanks bella…we thought of you guys so so often. Would have loved you right there with us….you were in spirit so many time :)) xx

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