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Last week we went cruising…

Last week we went cruising, on a big ship, 17 of us, first time for every one of us! A milestone to mark the significant birthday for one particularly special party member.  A family celebration to remember! IMG_3508

There are plenty of stories to tell….lazing around on deck, sipping long, cold drinks & catching up with good folk who live far away in other states, cocktail-making classes, the knowledge, fun, laughter & consequent consumption, the razzle-dazzle shows & the amazingly, ridiculously supple acrobats, to name a few.

Even the delightful little surprises our talented room stewards left for us to discover each night, like making animals with our towels. And the new tricks our waits person would come up with night after night at the dinner table…the feeling of coming home to happy family.

Plenty of exploring to do also, getting to know the vessel, the staff, staking out our favourite meeting places, finding the best coffee spot.

And on land, beautiful scenic islands, different lay-back culture, rich with history & warm, friendly people. Vanilla plantations, waterfalls, acres of markets, banter & barter, beach massages…sun, sand, & fresh coconuts.

Then, with yet another cocktail in hand (you must try all the recommendations:)) we pull up a day lounge & watch the islands fade away while we powerfully churn our way across the ocean, a commanding & confident hum persisting as our sea-legs kick back in again.

But today it’s the food we share with you…

Bountiful, plentiful, abundant, everywhere! It was difficult not to over-eat, (which we did despite our conscious decision to remain aware.) You must try this! Just have a taste of that! Feeling a bit peckish? Just have a nibble on this….

In my defence, I must say, I took the stairs EVERY time!! Despite the very strong temptation to use the elevators, often, I resisted the urge & did those 6 floors many times daily! Oi!IMG_3492

The buffet & the white-linen restaurant which were included in our package, were fabulous. Clean, varied, expansive, with the menu changing daily to prevent boredom (& encourage grazing.)

Ice-cream shops, pizza & burger spots, cake & coffee kiosks, & sandwich bars also dotted the many floors.

A couple of paying restaurants were also available. We worked our way through each of them, trying out the fabulous fare & having a nightly celebration at each one :)) We were on a mission to make this birthday very memorable after all!

My personal favourite, easily, was a pop-up Asian fusion style restaurant called La Luna. We nearly missed it & I am so, so pleased we didn’t. A degustation menu of sensational, light & tasty flavours, a smorgasbord of wonder & warmth. It was the perfect way to share our bounty, our remarkable efforts in coming together to mark this special occasion.

We did the ships galley tour!!! The internal organization of feeding thousands of people constantly. A remarkable array of busy-ness in every department….

Here’s an interesting article for those of you who would like a little more insight…

And a little youtube snippet to explain a few things…

Do yourself a favour…have that experience!!

  1. Great post before dinner haha – the production required to take a that food to the sea is amazing! If I ever go on a cruise I will need to do lots of laps on the deck – swimming and walking because I won’t be able to resist!

    • You NEED to experience a cruise Donna, & just don’t forget the stairs :)) “Waiter! Cocktail please….”

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