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Lemon Lime Delicious!

Lemon Lime Delicious!
Recipe Romance.

This is the message on our kitchen communications board that my sister left me…how nice!!

It’s a self-saucing pudding, smooth, easy & tasty, to warm the cockles of your heart & finish off your evening perfectly.

We’d been given a few lemons & our lime tree is laden this year, so we opted for Lemon Lime Delicious.
And it was!!!
You could even call it Citrus Delicious.
I doubled the mix & made a few in assorted sizes…took one to the family as my contribution to Sunday dinner, sent one off with my brother who is batching at work away, gave one to my niece who was visiting, & left one at home for us.

We used gluten-free flour, (as my sister is intolerant :)) oops! I mean gluten intolerant :)) & it worked perfectly.

We also reduced the sugar, as is always our way, but we’re not sure how to replace it entirely…yet!

So here we go…

Lemon Lime Delicious
*90g. butter, 2 cups sugar, grated zest of 3 lemons/limes
*Beat until creamy (we chucked ours in the trusty old food processor)
*Separate 5 eggs & add yolks one at a time.
*Add 4½ tblspns. Self-raising flour & 2¼ cups milk.

mix, then add juice of 4 lemons/limes
*Beat egg whites til stiff & fold through.
*Pour into buttered dishes & place into water bath.
(let water come to ½ way up sides of your moulds in baking dish)
*Cook in mod. Oven (180C) till lightly golden on top, about 1 hour…

Chiffon smooth, silky & tangy, with a little scoop of ice-cream perhaps!

We served ours with some extra dollop double cream, mmmmmm.
Some whipped cream would be lovely as well.

I am currently having a love affair with pomegranate seeds, so ours was strewn with these gloriously glistening little gems.

That’s the healthy element, a little power food.
And a couple of strawberries creates an absolutely beautiful contrast too…warm, moist, tart pudding, cold, textured, sharp berries!


  1. Hungry now! That looks delicious (no pun intended). And WOW I love your new website/blog – it looks awesome! Well done Roni. I am adding the RSS to my feed now!

    • Thanks so much girls….do give it a whirl, it’s scrumptious. And thanks Donna, yes it’s been a lovely, lengthy , learning mission but we are really happy with the results. Now we just need a tribe :))

  2. Many thanks to the wonderful lover of creating flavours for including this little treat in this sumptuous fiesta of flavours blog carnival…:))

  3. Oh how exciting is this…my first pingback :)) not quite sure what this means, but I’m sure it’s good…special thanks to Fiesta Of Flavours Blog Carnival, happy dance!!

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