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Love Language of Liguria.

Love Language of Liguria….(coastal region in north west Italy)IMG_4594

Love Language of Liguria…It’s such a hoot! Here I am travelling with 8 other Aussie chicks on an art trip through Italy…:)) gotta be lovin’ that!

Whilst the girls paint & study & educate themselves in the rich history of the area, my observation is focused on the language of food.  It seems to me, the main love….

We never seem to be hungry! Always eating…breakfast has just finished & it’s morning tea time, lunch, afternoon tea, dinner….& then limencello time :))

In the magnificent mountain villa where we have been so blessed to stay for a whole week, Villatalla, our wonderfully warm hosts, Roger & Marina, have provided us with many sumptuous feasts. We try to keep our meals light (even if only to counter-act the amount of them) but inevitably, by the time we have a taste of everything, as you must, we are well rounded once again :)) Of course there is a group consensus to all work off that extra muffin-top when we get home….

For now, one must experience what this adventure insists on generously offering….

Personally, I was saving my desire for authentic pizza to be sated in a popular restaurant known far & wide for its excellent creations. On recommendation from the locals (our lovely hosts,) we ate at Pizzeria Vecchio Forno in the historic little village of Isolabona.  And omg! So satisfied! Simple & sensational…we had such an appreciative rowdy time that neighbouring diners even bought us a round of limencello to finish up. The owner generously donated house specialities (which we shared with the next table.) The little waitress was joyously animated, delightfully breaking down language barriers between our cultures.  And of course, our driver Dario(Daaarrrrrriiooo!) as always, cops a party in his van on every trip….we relish his contribution & joining in with gusto! How can you not be full?

After yet another hilarious bus trip with Dario, at last night’s restaurant, in Rocchetta Nervina, we had superb hand-made ravioli, delicately rolled by hands with a life-time of practise.  In burnt butter & wild sage, or thyme picked fresh from the rolling hills. Or with plump porcini fungi sauce. There’s choices of lamb, tender goat & white beans specific to this area, rabbit, quail & veal. And all sorts of pasta. Then there’s the ever present dessert, tira-misu, crème caramel, panna cotta & crème brulee, maybe cherry tart, pastries & exquisite sorbets.

At home, at the villa, Marina & Roger serve us wonderful clean, healthy & hearty foods. They are tasty, alive & fresh.  And always with plenty of wine. Like white risotto(champagne & leek) firm, moist cod fish in tomato,  artichokes, olives, fresh asparagus spears, tender little frittatas & delicious braised fennel. Meals like fresh pesto pasta, gnocchi, & grilled calamari. Antipasti, tomato salads with herbs & olive drizzled bread, & lentils with loads of garlic & all sorts of yummy vegetables.   Breakfasts of fresh fruits, fabulous juicy melons, home-made jams, local fromage & crusty breads. And always with good Italian coffee.

To dine in-house is like a breath of fresh air in a sea of good company, divine scents & relaxed appreciation.  For some of us, it is an invitation to bravely taste previously undiscovered foods, in season & in step with nature.

Rogers special limencello is lush & viscose, far exceeding those bulk manufactured tipples from the coast below.

The language of love is palpable & tangible….& we are truly blessed!

  1. Ah! Such a delicious rendition of the magic we’re experiencing here in Italy Roni. Your words brought tears to my eyes and it is a delight to share this once-in-a-lifetime experience with you. Blessings my friend, as we continue to indulge in the culinary delights of Italy as we absorb not only the flavours and textures, but the colour, mood and light of this amazing historical country. xJeanne

    • Ohh Jeanne, thanks so much for the kind words & you echo my sentiments with regard to sharing the magic. We are the lucky ones…it’s an awesome reward for all our dedicated work :))

  2. Well, you seem to be surviving Italy on your stomachs! Bravo!

    • Lol Caro…yes, no problems except those said stomachs are extending rapidly for all of us!! Much work to be done in un-doing those awesome foodie explorations…:))

  3. Oohhh food, beautiful food…and your talent to bring it to us…i am salivating. What wonderful memories…love your posts. Cheers Di

    • Thankyou Di, that’s so lovely of you :)) will keep on the food trail in the name of research of course…:)) xx Love & bigger belts :))xx

  4. Salivating loveliness and in such surroundings .. Italy is truly wonderful for all the senses … brilliant post

    • Oh thanks so much for stopping by Paul…yes it is such an abundantly exquisite overload to all the senses as you say! An experience not to be missed…& highly recommended. We really are blessed to have sampled such things aren’t we! much love, Roni

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