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Lust & The Great Quince Debate.

Lust & The Great Quince Debate.IMG_9373

Lately I’ve been thinking of, lusting for, craving after, all things quince. Hence, lust & the great quince debate…

So which is your favourite? Jam? Jelly? Paste?

Then there’s a myriad of other ways to use them too. Baked (great with pork, quail or lamb.) Slow-cooked in honey & cinnamon, stewed, preserved, pickled, poached….cooking quinces

They marry beautifully with cheeses on a platter, make a great sorbet, lift any lemon desserts, or just have them warm, roasted with custard or good ice-cream.

The humble quince is ideal for both sweet & savoury uses. Surprisingly unattractive in appearance, a lumpy roundish fruit, with a yellowish slightly furry skin. They are bitter & tart when raw but deliciously fragrant when ripe, & must be cooked before eating. Then the flesh turns rosy pink & the flavour develops a sweet, piquant richness.

Quinces contain a naturally high level of pectin, so one of its main uses is in preserves, both on its own & as an addition to other jams or chutneys.quinces whole

Before cooking, always wash & rub away the surface fuzz.

Here’s a couple of good links we found, to help with our confidence & ideas :))

My first time – cooking with quincepaste

Quinces baked in honey

I guess the weather taking a radical slide into cool, signalling the imminent onslaught of winter, reminds me of childhood in Victoria. Like wise little ants, we collected, prepared, preserved & stored pretty much everything we could lay our hands on.

We grew up with Mum’s Quince Honey, often smothered on buttery scones fresh from the oven, toasty warm & delicious. So yum! Who could resist one right now? :))quinces at Bradys

For the past few years, a special man, gorgeous couple & long term friends to my sister, has sent me samples of his jellies & pastes. Even as far as Palermo, Sicily, where I was staying last year. Some coveted samples for the Duke, who also loves quince products. How extraordinarily generous! The postage alone was outrageous.

Jim has a passion & lust for perfecting his wares, & each year his batches of jellies & pastes are to die for. They couldn’t get any better. And I am the very lucky & grateful recipient of such jewel-like bounty. (I’m even inclined to hoard it in secret spots in the fridge, & bring it out on special occasions. Like when I am home alone…:)) That’s a bit mean isn’t it! lol.quinces cut

It’s the season for quinces. They love the cold.

  • Mums Quince Honey :

Boil together 2kg. sugar & 3 cups water. When rapidly boiling add 5 large unpeeled, grated quinces, cores & all (this will help the honey set)

Boil ½ -3/4 hours, or until pink & transparent. Bottle. OMG yum!!!quince paste v jelly

  1. Will definitely give it a go…… Never cooked with quince before

    • Mmmmm, a definite taste sensation, maybe even an acquired taste.
      Let us know how you go Kel :)) xx

  2. Paste for me with beautiful cheese but that was before I heard of your mum’s quince honey. I’m trying to get my head around them going in whole and it works without peeling or chopping. I must try this.

    • Yes Maureen, I remember grating them down to the core & then throwing it in whole for the pectin.
      When it was all done, you just chuck away the core before bottling & ohh la la!!!
      Sensational Quince Honey….priceless!

  3. What a trip down memory lane…quinces remind me of the creek flat on the farm at Cheshunt where we spent some amazing childhood years. Thanks for remembering such a lovely old fruit, it’s possibilities and potential for being used in recipes right now is safely in your creative hands…

    • ohhh how sweet. Thankyou for being there :)) Yeah, good times, good memories, good bones.
      And now for some yummy new twists….xx

  4. No….mums quince pie was better. Remember that very short sweet pastry she used to make? Covered with slices of preserved quinces with a lattice of pastry on top? Yummmm!

    • Good point huni…yes, it was pretty special!
      Thanks soooo much for the reminder. I can just about feel it in my mouth…:)) xx

  5. Quinces remind me of my mother and my godmother who had a quince tree and recently a freind had them as desert from her tree – yumm

    • Hey thanks for sharing the memory Suzie, & for stopping by.
      Do you like them yourself? xx

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