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Meal Swap for Kitchen Inspiration.

Meal Swap for Kitchen Inspiration.breakfast

We all need kitchen inspiration at times. We are all busy, & meal swapping sounds very interesting….

Yesterday, while having breaky with a girlfriend, she disclosed that a group of her nearest & dearest were food swapping.

I’m immediately intrigued….


Two women friends & their adult daughters, all busy girls out there in the work-force, decided they were bored, pressured & uninspired to continue to cook for themselves after a hard day at the office.

Such a common complaint, an everyday reality in these fast-paced times. We hear it often.

It’s so easy to grab something like a piece of toast, or a take-away. We mean to change that with next weeks grocery shopping, we WILL plan better, but time just gets away from us.tarts

Consequently, the chain of events ends up with poor nutrition. And then a whole host of related issues. Poor productivity, poor health, & even body-shape…

So these clever ladies agreed to cook for each other, meals for 4 instead of one. One person does 4 breakfasts, one does 4 lunches, & taking into account that the main meal generally costs more $$, the other two people do 2 dinners each. And they rotate through the cycle every 4 days.

This model suits this particular group. Each cluster of participants would have their own unique pattern.risotto

Think of that!!!

For a start, you would be more inspired to come up with interesting meals to produce & more aware of healthy dietary choices.

You would be more energized to produce 4 meals instead of one. And you would be much more organized ahead of time, which takes so much pressure off :)) Winning!!!veggies

What a great concept! Monotony gone!

Imagine if more of us got a group together to cook for… It could be friends. It could be family. Certainly proximity would be a major factor. And similar food preferences.

You could eat together, or package it up….

This group package it up for each other, swing by at a convenient time of the day & swap meals. How good to know that your lunch was sorted! And what a nice surprise for you at dinner time every night!pizza-homemade dinner tonight

I think there is really something solid in this idea. It’s a game-changer!

As a group you would need to design your own rules of conduct, & then roll with it & enjoy! Just tweek the guidelines as it unfolds & the system gets more familiar.

These days there are so many places we can find kitchen inspiration:kebabs

Apart from the regular magazines & recipe books, there’s always good old Google.

Social media offers chefs galore showing off tips & tricks, pretty plating & recipe variations. Plenty of ideas to fire up the imagination & up-to-date product information.

Do a spot of ingredients research when you are checking out recipes. And when you are buying produce, talk to your supplier about uses. Pick up a couple of things you would normally not take home & experiment. Have fun with that…Japanese steel

Talk shop with other cooks & people who love food. Listen to their suggestions. Encourage innovation.

Get out there. Travel & eat out as much as you can. Get inspired by cuisines you don’t generally cook. Take pictures & notes. Ask questions. (We know chef’s love to talk about their food :))

Then replicate at home your favourite things. You won’t always get it right, but that’s how you create new recipes. Perfect for your own personal palette.chicken bacon sandwich

I reckon this concept rocks if it could be suitable for your life-style. What about you? What are your thoughts on this idea?

  1. Great post….hmmmm….lots to think about 🙂

    • Thanks chickie, yes indeed. It would work so well for busy girls like us :)) xx

  2. It’s a great idea. It’s MUCH easier to cook for 4 than for 1 and you have no leftovers. Brilliant!

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