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Mid-week Meal Ideas! Chicken & Asparagus Crepes.


Easy Recipes…Mid-Week Meal Ideas!

Chicken & Asparagus Crepes!

Today we are making crepes for an easy week day meal. You can make your crepe skins ahead of time, they even freeze really well.

So if you wanted to make them on the weekend, have a few beautiful fruity ones for a holiday breakfast treat, & keep the rest for later in the week, it’s a great option.

A little bit of forward thinking, a spot of pre-planning & voila! Quick dinner for one night during the week after a hard days’ work….gotta love that!

You can make them gluten free, dairy free, vegetarian…however you’d like to tailor them to suit your people.

Our crepe pan is about 18cms. The mixture makes up to about 1 litre, so it will make around 15 skins this size…you can make them any size. The filling also makes enough for this many, so if you want some for breaky & some for later, perhaps just halve the filling mixture.


For the Crepes themselves….

  •  6 eggs, good ½ cup vegetable oil (we use Rice Bran), pinch salt, 1½ cups p. flour, & about 3 cups milk.
  • Put it all into jug & beat with stick blender (we use a 1 lt. jug & just fill the milk almost to the top…they are resilient so don’t be scared if your measurements aren’t precise :))…ours aren’t :))
  • Ladle into hotish pan with a bit of oil, swish mixture around till it covers the base & cook a few mins.
  • Turn over with egg flip, or practise flipping in the air till you get the hang of it :)).  Cook another couple mins. till golden brown, & then flip pan onto dinner plate.
  • Repeat, adding a little splash of oil between each crepe, & then add each cooked crepe to your stack on the plate.

Meanwhile….you can be making your filling (or leave this part till later in the week when you need it.)

Chicken & Asparagus filling….

  •  Make a basic white sauce, fairly thick. We do a quick one in the micro-wave….
  • In a 3-4 litre bucket/tub we cook off 250g. butter, pinch salt & 1½ cups p. flour for 3-4 mins.
  • Then we empty in 2 litres milk, whisk around to mix flour through, & put back in microwave for 10 mins.
  • Take out, whisk again, return for another 10 mins. Repeat once more & you’re done.
  • Pour it into a big bowl to cool down a bit, (you can chuck it in the freezer if you want to give it a bit of a rush.)
  • Add big handful of grated cheese, ½ doz. chopped shallots, 1 tblspn. chicken stock, & some cracked pepper (& maybe some chopped parsley, we love our herbs.)

From here you can add anything you like…..

But we use a can of asparagus & 2-3 poached chicken breasts, finely sliced. Mix through.

Lay crepe skins out on bench, spoon mixture along each one, roughly a bit less than half way in, roll up….& you are ready to eat.

Or you could put them on a tray with a little white sauce & some grated cheese on top, ready to be popped in the oven for a warm through when needed.

Great served with a salad….enjoy!

  1. These look absolutely delish and I am going to try them out this week 🙂

    • Oh Anita-Clare..I’m so sorry, I missed you! Did you try the crepes? Did you love them? :))cheers Roni xx

  2. Yum. My cousin & I used to make crepes when we were kids. Brings back memories. Of course I would make them healthier than the jam we piled into them when we were kids :).

    • Yes Teri & Sue, they really are yummy. And the skins freeze so well, so it’s easy & handy to have them on hand whenever you need a quick meal :)) thanks so much for your comments girls…much love xx

    • Hey Sue…did you make them healthier? :)) xx

  3. Oh my word! Yummy! Thank you for sharing Veronica.

    • Hey Teri…how did you go with the crepes? cheers Roni xx

  4. Theses look yummy. I just might try this soon! 🙂

    • Hello Vanessa…did you try them? Were they as yummy as you wanted them to be? Do share…thank you :)) xx

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