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Naughty Breakfast!

Naughty Breakfast!

Naughty bad breakfast!IMG_5726

Lol…last night I broke my stove…boiling water over on the electric elements. Oops!!

I’m up, showered, dressed, I look fine…ready to rock this day! 

I’ve watched a movie, done my laundry, & now I dance to some fav music while I eat last nights leftovers :))OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Fortunately, dinner had been in the final throws of being ready when catastrophe struck last evening, & my little portable grill still works. So I grill boiled potatoes, prosciutto, lashings of garlic & some capers with a drizzle of olive oil! It’s yummy…I know, I know, very naughty for breakfast.

But now I feel like a real Sicilian! However I can’t make coffee either. So what the heck…let’s have a glass of wine as well :)) Isn’t that what happens?

Why not? Hey, I’ve already helped a guest fix the old elevator & now I’ve got the electrician fixing the stove, (which seems like such a drama.) I have to walk away….IMG_5701

So then I may as well have a little wedge of toffee covered nuts, the famous Torroni (which brings back lashings of luscious memories from my childhood, spent for the most part in a tobacco growing area in Victoria, swapping lunches with the Italian kids at school, very cool. Although unbeknown to me then, from there started my fascination with European cuisine :)) 

It’s the weekend. So today I go aimlessly wandering around, have coffee at Lorenzo’s, try to find the big markets, instead find the equivalent to Myer dept store in a major street, & our smaller daily markets. (Lol, at least I’m consistent :)) Although it’s lively, smelly, active, I think it’s pretty hollow & pointless really, & so meander back home.IMG_5052

I find some fresh air to sit & read on one of the palazzo terraces, it gets windy. Back inside I go. Lucky I’ve got a good book…but after a chapter or two, with my mind not settled, out I go again so I won’t become a hermit :)) 

Davide, the grounds man, who is easy & light to interact with over our phone translators, asks if I want him to stay with me…I laughingly say no & he grandly opens the big wooden doors for me. As they rumblingly creak ajar & I leave with a wave, in his cheeky broken English, he announces me to the street, as if I were going on stage..:))IMG_5741

I’m not much of a shopper really, & as I had only recently had breakfast because of the previous nights late check in, I wasn’t even hungry. Already I know, by the firmness of my jeans, that the pasta, breads & potatoes have to go, but off I went to buy food anyway. I came home empty handed because I didn’t really need anything.


And when the theatre of the stove is complete, & they have, hopefully, reassembled my tiny kitchen, then perhaps I will do some paperwork! 

But that doesn’t happen. These old  places are so dark, & mysterious. The lighting is inadequate, hard to write in, even harder to read in. So I find myself cooking again, at 4.30 in the afternoon, it feels like evening…it must be time for a glass of wine:))IMG_5742

As a footnote…it turned out to be a grey, drizzly weekend, & whilst I did get out for a while on both days, & happily dealt with our lovely guests requests as required, the majority of the time was spent curled up on the couch with the first 2 seasons of ‘Treme” (which happened to be on a USB for just such an occasion :))

It’s all about New Orleans, the music, the streets & the rebuilding after the devastation of Cyclone Katrina. Captivating….file0001585212181


  1. Breakfast?? Sounds lurvly. Do you get weekends off, sounds like you are having lots of spare time to explore and relax.

    • Hey Fran, The Duke & The Duchess have been away for a week so I got left to play by myself (see Introducing the Duck & the Duchess, previous post, you’ll love it …:)) but from now on I think things will be pretty busy. It’s easy, & cruisy, lots of time for work & play :)) big love xx Roni

  2. davide AND?????

  3. Oh Ronie,

    What an amazing adventure you are having! Thank you for sharing, you make it feel like we are walking with you!Continue to discover and enjoy!

    • Hey Lyndall, lovely to hear from you, yep, here we are on yet another adventure :)) good to know we girls are still sharing, & thanks for walking with me :)) big love xx

  4. Envy ………

    • Big love to you…next week I’m off to Siracusa for a few days R&R :)) everybody says it is beautiful, stunning…get well! xx

  5. Breakfast sounds absolutely wonderful as for the wine well it’s past 5 somewhere I’m the world. Loving your little slice if scicillian life..

    • Oh Anita=Clare, that’s what I told myself too :)) And anyway, rules were meant to be broken, especially on holidays I reckon :)) Thanks for being part of my journey…cheers love Roni xxx

  6. Love it! I can’t wait to read more of your adventures. Oh and I hope you find a shop soon. I’m sure they exist!

    • lol Rose, thanks for your vote of confidence…:)) yep I have found a few, & just come back from the very busy, big markets! I am going to make an orange almond cake for lunch (after I grind my own almonds :)) xx

  7. Loving your honesty Roni… xxx

    • Oh thanks Jeanne…it’s a bit scary don’t you think? But then I am continually amazed at how many people feel in similar way, & also at the kindness of friends…:)) ciao bella grazie mille! xx

  8. That breakfast sounds amazing!!

    • Hey Melissa, yep, it’s a bit of fun…good to see you :)) cheers & love Roni xx

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