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Orange & Almond Cake. Gluten free. Repost.

Orange & Almond Cake. Gluten free. & almond cake

Since we had some pictures on Instagram & Facebook yesterday of the ever-popular gluten-free Orange & Almond Cake, we have had a plethora of requests for the recipe. Happy face….

So today we are sharing the recipe from a post a while ago. It’s so easy. And so moist. Enjoy!!!

Here’s the link

Best Ever Gluten Free Orange & Almond Cake:
*Gently boil 2 oranges, covered, for about an hour or so…
*Combine in bowl 250g. almond meal, 200g. castor sugar, 1 tspn. baking powder & 6 eggs.
*When oranges have cooled a little, remove stem bit from the top, chuck them in the processor & whizz them up.
*Mix together & place in lined tin, bake in mod-slow oven till skewer comes out clean…about an hour-ish.

  1. Mmmmm… This is one of my very favourite cakes.. Bellissimo..!

    • Oh Dayne, aren’t you gorgeous! That was the record for the quickest reply ever….
      Come on round to our kitchen sometime soon & I will bake it for you :))
      Big love xx

  2. This looks so delicious, and I love the oranges on the top!
    Yum Yum 🙂

    • Thanks Taymour, give it a go…you will love it (& it freezes really well…if there’s any leftovers :))
      hugs xxx

  3. Yes ,will try it. When you say, mod- slow oven, what does that mean. Can you please give me a temperature reading equivalent xxx George

    • Good on you George.
      Mod-slow would be about 150 degrees.
      It’s dense & needs time to cook through.
      It’s a very forgiving cake but you don’t want it to brown on top before it’s done.
      Just pop a paper bag on top & turn it down a bit if that is happening :))
      Let us know how you went xx

  4. I’m on my way round.. Lol

    • Lol…to cute! You’d better give me a days notice…or at least half a day.
      You are welcome anytime for anything from our pantry….but if it’s cake you are wanting, it takes a while for the oven to heat :))

  5. Thanks Roni for reminding me about this recipe which ive had for a very long time.
    I made it for friends for Sat lunch just gone -you know one of my friends very well. They all thought it was so very yummy especially served with a dollop of double cream. If we weren’t all watching our weight we would have had 2 slices ….. And such an appropriate recipe for Passover even though I didn’t make it due to that.
    Next time I’m going to use blood oranges which I’m sure will also be good they’re not just good for juicing to have with Campari ????

    • It’s a pleasure Burra Babe, & thanks for telling us a little story :)) Love sharing old favourites with mystery friends…lol.
      Some great ideas with the blood oranges too. In Sicily the Duchess makes the most amazing orange salad. The skins are so sweet you just slice them through into thin slices & eat the lot.

  6. Such a yummy cake thanks heaps for sharing your recipe. Huge love Xo

    • Oh yeah baby! You make it for me & I’ll bake it for you sometime :))
      big love back xx

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