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Orpheus Island. Part One.

Orpheus Island. Part One.Orpheus Island.

There’s no way I can fit this awesome experience in 500 words (sorry) so it’s going to be in 2 parts :)) Enjoy!

Here we go! Flew to Townsville, had a few gorgeous days on Magnetic Island with family & friends, along with koalas, butterflies & reef sharks.

And then we innocently embarked on our great Orpheus Island adventure.Magnetic Island

Check this out…

A nice middle-aged man, picks us up from the ferry terminal in his cool black new model Holden with all it’s bells & whistles, red lights & shiny bits. I tell him I’ll be the one carrying paella pans, that’s how he identifies us :))

A few smooth gurgling spurts up the highway, easy, interesting conversation & 2 hours later we meet the truck crew in Lucinda, North Queensland.Lucinda

We have a leisurely bite to eat & then it’s onto the barge which is now loaded with all our supplies to feed 50 people for 8 days. No rush, slow & steady, past the longest jetty in the southern hemisphere, 5.7kms.

The islands, the sunset, the company…very cruisey :)) lol…I make a funny.Orpheus Island.

We sit & wait in the pitch black, watching stingrays & schools of fish by torchlight, until the tide comes up high enough for the barge to get onto the beach.

We can see the Research Station lights twinkling flirtatiously at us.Orpheus island.

Orpheus Island in The Great Barrier Reef.

We unload, pallet after pallet on the little fork lift.

We tick off never-ending lists, find suitable homes for all our goodies, hoping that when we go to cook tomorrow, we know just where to lay our hands on everything we need.Orpheus island.

Easy first day…we practised on the set up crew when the rest of them arrived with more supplies. 14 people.

The island is beautiful, pristine & remote, although we haven’t ventured far out of the kitchen much yet.

A glass of red & it’s into our triple bunk dorm room for some well earned rest.from our bench

OMG epic! We started in the kitchen at 6.30am. And didn’t stop till 10.30pm!!! 16 hours of hard yakka. The full feeding frenzy has begun. Everyone has arrived.

The evening showcase meal for all the new delegates needs to be impressive. And the seafood smorgasbord was definitely that. Fresh, healthy, colourful, pretty & inviting. But all these photographers & not one photo taken :))

We showered & collapsed. From now on it’s up at 5am & into the kitchen by 6….everyday.Orpheus Island.

You work out who your special diets people are, & their needs stay in mind with everything you cook. You modify accordingly.

Fruit preparation is continual, fruit platters, fruit salads, juicing fruits…in fact the juicer went to heaven while we were there. A bit to much use for it to handle I suspect.

Kel was the master at whipping up all our gorgeous platters. It was prepping for the next meal while they were still eating the last. Prepping for the days ahead while we were chopping onions, or dividing greens, sorting salads or making desserts.fruit platters

There’s no running to the shop if you need something…will we have enough bread for toast each morning? Eggs are plentiful, let’s make zabaglione. How can I turn this into that?

The mind, as well as the body, never stops. I’m sure you get the picture.

Actually, it turns out that we each did about 128 hours all up, & 10-12 kms. a day…

A long, well fitted-out kitchen. Stoves, benches & sinks on each end, with prep, washing-up, & storage areas, fridges & freezers running through the middle.Orpheus Island.

No thought of getting out for a while though, except to prepare veggies in the fresh air perhaps, (which we did as often as possible, just so we could sit down :))

Every night a theme night…seafood welcome dinner, roast night, Asian night, pizza pasta night, Spanish night, degustation dinner.

The spread of dishes looked beautiful, but seriously, we had no time for photos. Sorry. The intention was there but we just couldn’t put it into action…hope you can paint your own picture from these words :))Orpheus Island.

And the dishes never stopped.

Rosie became the scullery queen! She developed systems for smooth operations & just powered through, for days. Her hands have never been so clean :))

The girls were amazing, their work ethic undeniable & their minds, actions & attitudes such a blessing! There was no issue we couldn’t find a solution to…these are attributes I find invaluable. Thankyou so much kitchen crew.

It’s like Ground-hog day…in the nicest way :))Orpheus Island.

  1. It sounds like you were the dream team, I wish I could have been there. More photos please!

  2. lol…we wish you had been there too :)) No time for many pics Joo…you know how it is :)) But there are a few more in the next instalment.
    big love xx

  3. Sounds marvellous can’t wait for the second instalment. xo

  4. It was amazing in so many ways…& extra special to take on such a mission in such a beautiful place with two of my special girls :))

  5. You are amazing love following your posts

    • Ah gorgeous girl, I so often wonder how you are going.
      So pleased to see you can share the crazy journey sometimes.
      Would love to catch up…xx

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