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Orpheus Island. Part Two.

Orpheus Island. Part Two.Orpheus Island.

Here we are at James Cook University’s Research Station on Orpheus Island. Cooking for 50 people, 5 times a day, for 8 days :)) 16 hours, 10-12 kms a day….

The story continues….

Check out this FB page for some outstanding shots (& a little insight) Island.

Because this was the 11th year this Photographic Workshop has been run, the organisation machine is beautifully fine-tuned, noticeably impressive. Congratulations are in order.

An end station had been set up for clearing tables & stacking plates. People scraped their own into clearly labelled buckets upon finishing their meal.

It was all one big loop & this help made it so much more stream-lined.Orpheus Island.

We set up generous displays of gorgeous food each mealtime along the deck, the guests filed along & helped themselves, sat in the open dining room which was set up right next to the verandah, ate & enjoyed.

We made omelettes & baked bread everyday. We made paella & sangria, curries & roasts, fruit tarts, brownies & cheesecakes. We made salads & sandwiches, pizzas & pastas.

The ever-present smells wafting from the kitchen were constantly appreciated.Orpheus Island.

And all was consumed with great gusto.

When finished they scraped, sorted & stacked. We gathered the empties, carted them inside, washed them & started the process all over again :)) Like a well-oiled machine…

They take photos of some of our dishes, a food photography lesson on the run. We work around them. Our kitchen crew were legends …:))Orpheus Island.

And we had some much appreciated help.

At the end of each long day, a few kind helpers came in to give us a hand with clean-up, empty bins, wash floors etc. That was such a gift!Orpheus Island.

A few of our grateful guests gave us bottles of wine to show their appreciation, one an excellent bottle of champagne, complete with moustache.

How lucky are we!Orpheus Island.

Unknowingly, this wonderful family of strangers, took up a collection for us during the course of the week.

At the end gathering, in closing this magic week, where we finally got to see some beautiful photos that the guests had taken & stamped with their own personality, they declared their appreciation & handed us an old biscotti box.Orpheus Island.

We thought, because we hadn’t had much of a chance to get out of the kitchen, they had collected a few shells & beachy things for us…but it was a box of tips!

Generous donations collected over the week, gratefully received. Such a pleasantly unexpected bonus.

And then it was time to say goodbye…Orpheus Island.

There were lots of little adventures along the way.

Like having to get on 3 boats to get us home…no jetty, so wade out, 5 people at a time in a tinny (3 in action) out to a middle-sized boat & then heaved up onto the ferry for the 2 1/2 hour hurtle across the water to Townsville.

Such a fun spectacle. Sea sickness pills at the ready.Orpheus Island.

Lots of cameras working, a few drinks, countless stories….wind, waves & absolutely spectacular sunsets.

Time is of the essence, we are booked on the last plane out for the night. Got a lunchtime wedding the next day, on the Sunshine Coast….

Phone ahead, tell the airlines we are not far away, arrange contingency plan just in case.Orpheus Island.

Waiting at the terminal for us to be first unloaded & rushed up the gangplank, is our amazing organisers son. In an early model Holden, with “P” plates. His fathers car when he was young, lovingly cared for all these years.

Slim uncomplicated dash, column shift, young man, off on our last leg of this journey in style (remembering the ride up there, Holden’s from totally different era’s.)Orpheus Island.

We made the plane, got home at midnight….& the wedding went remarkably smoothly the next day.

Thankyou to everyone who helped me, everyone who shared this event, & Joo for recommending us. It was truly a special experience.

Now I rest for a week :)) 

As I write this, a week later, my feet are recovering well from their major blisters, & I am still a bit in awe that this adventure came my way.Orpheus Island.

  1. you gorgeous girl, may wonderful things keep falling into your lap! xo

    • Thank you for being such a valued supporter. I appreciate you more than you can imagine :))
      Big love to you always.
      Bring on the next adventure I say…xx

  2. Wow Roni what an amasing adventure you had, sounds like it all went wonderfully. I look forward to seeing you,

    Love Tania

    • Hey Tan, yes it was big!!! But the people were gorgeous & being up there amongst the islands is loaded with magic (& pretty sights…)
      Look forward to seeing you too, next term :))
      cheers Roni xx

  3. Hi Roni,
    For a Foodie, your a captivating writer, and for an enthralling writer, you take lovely photographs!
    You were very lucky to have had the opportunity to visit such a lovely unspoilt island;
    Your diners were incredibly lucky to have had the pleasure of your amazing food (which is always served with that extra pinch of love and attention); Your readers were lucky to be invited to share the experience through your captivating words & beautiful photos…. I think every one wins!.. thank you for sharing

    • Oooohhhh Pam, what a lovely surprise to see your gorgeous words! Thank you from my bosom….:))
      Yes, I am so lucky. To have special people like yourself, our attentive diners & our illustrious organizers, bringing such an experience all together.
      I think everyone wins too!!
      lol..big love Roni xx

  4. Holy cow, what an amazing piece of work and I am not one bit surprised that they helped and took up a collection as a thank you to you all. The champers was just icing on the cake. Hope to catch up again soon.

  5. Hey lovely Maureen :))
    Yes, we’ve both had pretty exciting adventures recently, haven’t we! It was so good to see your pictures & read your gorgeous stories.
    So glad you are on the mend & looking forward to our catch-up xx

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