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Orvieto no, Vienna yes…

  • Orvieto no, Vienna yes…

    You know how I was so excited about the upcoming trip to Orvieto? Well for a few good reasons, we have decided to postpone that particular adventure until next year. As sad as that is, it’s for the best…

    And then along come 2 other amazing opportunities!!!

    Next month I am off up to Orpheus Island in the Great Barrier Reef with my team. To cook for 50-60 people for 8 days. Breakfast, lunch, dinner & everything in between. Big job, full on, but full of fun & learning.

    Already it has been a big order of menu planning, theme nights galore & organizing the finer details.

    What an experience it will be! But more on this as it unfolds (time & internet permitting :))

    The huge exciting news is that I am finally going to experience a White Christmas! In Vienna! With family!

    Vienna rathaus (townhall) with a Christmas tree in front

    Vienna rathaus (townhall) with a Christmas tree in front

    The little girl in me has always wanted to see, touch & feel the storybook magic of a White Christmas. The fairy lights, the falling snow, the crisp & the clean. The joy & the big eyes, the carols & the community. The warm drinks & hot fires, the gloves, the embrace & the sharing.

    Even if I made this happen, with all my loved ones on the other side of the world, it would seem a little empty to me.

    Yet here I am, bursting at the seams with excitement! Oh the gifts this life can present….Strudlhofstiege-1090-Vienna-Austria-2005-02-19

    My daughter-in-law’s maternal family come from Austria, & she has been oh so generously gifted a trip of a lifetime back to her home country. She, my son & 2 precious kids have had a tough couple of years with sudden illness & steep learning curves for all.

    The children & I’m meeting them in Rome. We fly over in December. Then this amazing little reconnected family, plus their pretty awesome grandmothers from both sides, are going on a little Mediterranean cruise (turns out it’s better value than food, accommodation & travel on land :))

    Back to the majestic old lady Rome for a couple of days. And make our way over to Vienna for yet another magic experience. An authentic & real family white Christmas (with half my personal little family present! This bit is so important to me. I wish for all my precious ones to be together, but realistically the logistics are not attainable at this time…)

    So much interesting research…christmas-in-salzburg-austria

    Vienna, capital of Austria, lies in the country’s east on the Danube River. Its artistic & intellectual legacy was shaped by residents including Mozart, Beethoven & Sigmund Freud. The city is also known for its Imperial palaces & Museums district, comprising historic & contemporary buildings.

    German-speaking country in Central Europe, characterized by mountain villages, baroque architecture, Imperial history & rugged alpine terrain.
    Top-ranking Austria, best known for the Sound of Music or the waltzes of Strauss.
    Vienna ranked as second most liveable city 2015, behind Tokyo. 
    Along with neighbouring Switzerland, it is the winter sports capital of Europe. Offering some of the finest ski areas in Europe, Austria has a magic touch.
  • Visit Salzburg – Around Christmas: What to do in Winter

    Hallstatt (as a foodie, I’m going there…)
    Melk Abbeywikipedia/MatthiasKabel

    Melk Abbey is one of the most famous monasteries in the world. Situated high up on cliff, overlooking the calming waters of the Danube river, rests the peaceful Benedictine abbey. Previously the castle of Leopold II, the structure was given to the monks, who transformed it into a place of tranquility & learning in 1089.

    Vienna State Operaflickr/gnu1742

    The Vienna State Opera is a stunning architectural structure in the middle of Austria’s capital. and quite possibly the most celebrated opera house of all time. The orchestra is recognized as one of the top in the world.

    Hohensalzburg Castleflickr/DHausBT

    This magnificent Salzburg castle is one of largest and most well-preserved medieval castles in Europe. This castle houses the “Salzburg Bull”, an organ with more than two hundred pipes. A truly stunning piece of medieval architecture.

    Christmas Markets: The Christmas markets of Salzburg are famous all over Central Europe, you should not miss the very special atmosphere between caramelised almonds, crafts and culinary delights.
    Eat Lebkuchen and drink Glühwein:
    Go to a sauna and spa. Austrians are real sauna aficionados & hundreds of spas with their own hot springs allow you to swim in hot water outdoors at temperatures below zero. There is nothing like running out of a sauna into the snow, naked and steaming! (doubt very much this will happen, although I can’t vouch for my son :))
    Track down the history of “Silent Night”:
    Around 7 p.m. on Christmas Eve the tree is lit for the first time & the whole family gathers to sing Christmas carols. “Silent Night, Holy Night,” written & performed for the first time on December 24th, 1818, by Josef Mohr & Franz Gruber in the Austrian village of Oberndorf,

    The Christmas tree plays a very important part. Every town sets up its own huge tree on the main square & frequently there will be an extra one, adorned with bread crumbs, for the birds.
    On Christmas Eve shops close at the latest by 6 p.m. and there are no movies, theatre performances or concerts. Most bars, restaurants, night clubs are closed & traffic is almost non-existent. 
    Won’t this be jaw-droppingly, other-worldly beautiful?
    We will see all this, all the pretty lights, Vienna Woods, the magic & the frozen waterfalls.christmas_holiday_537986
    And it’s then New Year′s Eve in Croatia for the 2 grandmamma’s. Parties & fireworks, joined by thousands, celebrating & cheering with Champaign, waltz & fire crackers to welcome in the New Year.
  1. The magic of your food and life journey lights up my heart with love and inspiration.

    • Oh my Goodness Lilly, thankyou as always. I am just so grateful! Filled with wonder & gratitude…
      I am also very blessed that my nature leans towards one of spontaneous adventure.
      Happy dance!!! Big love…

  2. Wow awesome news …much luv …envious much xx

    • Oh I know…so blessed!! Tickets booked & payed for….squeal!!! :)) xx

  3. Guten abend, es ist sehr schonne !!! Du musse lerne Deutsch 🙂

    • lol…oh you bugger Val :)) now I guess I gotta say thanks for encouraging me to learn a bit of German (quickly :)) love R x

  4. Love this post Roni, what a blessing hey? xx

    • lol…thanks Jeanne, love you more :))
      Yep, blessed & highly favoured…
      I’m just astounded & so so grateful that these yummy things are coming my way!
      Big love xx

  5. My favourite city in the world is Salzburg. The first time I visited I stayed in a hotel that was 900 years old. I was the only one who could go through the bedroom door without ducking my head. 🙂

    I would love to be in Vienna or Salzburg for all the music and the snow crunching under my feet. I hope you have the best time ever!!

    Your visit up north will be a LOT of work.

    • Hello Maureen, I’ve missed you…hope you are feeling way better.
      Yes, for me this unexpected white Christmas is so exciting….
      & believe it or not, I am so looking forward to this giant of a job on Orpheus Is.
      I think I will be in my element…making so many things tasty & pretty for the photographers :))
      It will be a fun stretch :)) xx

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