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Packing, excitement & 3 functions to go!

Packing, excitement & 3 functions to go!


Just writing a quickie to let you know we are about to go on the road again….& in the sky, sailing seas, taking trains. All that yummy stuff! The countdown is on now, 10 days to go!!!!

I keep shaking my head that it’s actually happening….& beaming from the inside out!Sketchbook StoriesMy sister is an International Art Tutor, & that makes it so much easier for me to jump on board when these amazing trips keep dangling themselves in my face. So this time it is 3 weeks Art Journalling in the Greek Isles. Who does that??? :))

She is seriously an awesome teacher….check her out.

I’ll try to draw food, lol. Maybe get some recipe book illustrations out of it.

She says we pick a cafe & go to drink & draw…but honestly, if I can depict a rock from a wall, a knob from a door or a vista from the beautiful European countryside, I know the emotions that will flood me when I reminisce, will be much more powerful than a photo, as it transports me directly back into this experience.breakfast

And so, weeks of laying everything you imagine you might need, on the spare bed, as you think of it. Purchasing whatever is missing, filling in the gaps & crossing off the list.

It’s a lengthy span of time to live out of a suitcase, in another culture, another climate.

Now it’s time to pack, & repack, so there’s room to bring home treasures. Keep it light & relatively compact. It’s totally our responsibility to get our own luggage up & down stairs, busses & railway stations, through cobblestone streets & into hire cars. If we can’t handle it, we can’t take it!!

The anticipation builds….wine

Meanwhile, we have the house on the market. So keep it clean & pretty, fresh flowers & shiny floors. Packing & storing, hiding boxes, uncluttered & ordered. Agents & people coming through to have a look….

This weekend we have a long table of love, a gratitude & thankyou house party, to honour our time here. It’s been good to us. We will miss this little home.teapot & flowers

In my world of cheese & fruit & food & functions, I still have 3 more events to organize before we fly free on silver wings. Before that drink gets in my hand & we can slow down while we soar through the night. Movie marathon, bring it on….

Until then, it’s client liaising & lists, menu planning & fine-tuning. Shopping, ordering, picking-up. Sorting, storing, packing kits. Making condiments & anything else to ease my trusty helpers. It’s hiring staff & running through job descriptions. It’s dedicated & full-on, it’s stressful & hard work…..thank goodness I love it :))fruit & cheese

Because of you gorgeous people, my special armchair travellers, who request these words & make my adventures so much more full, here’s a brief itinerary.

There’s 8 of us going. 7 weeks!!! 2 weeks before the Art Tour, & 2 after….

As it’s such a long haul from Australia to the other side of the planet, it is our practise to add other experiences on before or after, (or both if we can orchestrate it!!) apple pie

We fly into Rome, spend a few days on the Amalfi Coast. Catch an overnight ferry to Sicily, a few days with the Duke & Duchess, a few days in Ortigia & a few in Athens.

Then it’s the 3 weeks island hopping with the Art Journalling group.

Back to Rome for a few days, Siena, Piza, Florence, Cinque Terre. Up to South of France for the last week, wineries to visit, lavender to pick, friends to dine with. We fly home from Nice, one of our favourites.olives

It’s not all beer & skittles you know….I am going to cook a bit too :))

Aside from all the unknown culinary excitement that will land on me, I will be making a huge cake in Palermo to be cut with a sword for an Italian Army lunch ceremony. And near Florence, learning all about the production & appreciation of olive oils, from tree planting to tasting. I am so excited!!! I’m bursting….

I want you to know, I just can’t tell you how much I appreciate you wanting to share this with me… keep me going.

I’ll keep you posted. garden flowers




  1. We miss you already xxx

  2. Excitement much. Lucky you. Sounds like a fabulous time

    • Thanks Suzie. Yes I am very fortunate, & so grateful. It will be amazing….
      Remember to stop & breathe sometimes, for you! Your work is beautiful & you work so much.

  3. And hugs right back. Sienna was my favourite. I hope you love Corfu. Can’t wait to hear all about it. Thank you for sending such lovely messages & photos. Safe travels xx

    • Oh Kristina, we loved Siena too. Last time we were there it was Palio, the famous bareback horse race. The pretty city is alive with flags & festivities.
      We thought it would be an awesome experience for Carolyn’s Art Journalling group.
      Can’t wait to feel that energy again. xxx

  4. Dear Roni

    I’m really really excited for you.
    Shame you won’t be in that part of the world when I’m there in September.
    I’ve begun my training for walking a few hundred kms, but the weather is turning cold here, so more conducive for eating, drinking and indoor hobbies.
    Have loads of fun & be safe
    Lots of hugs xx

    • Thank you Amelia…you’ve got the right idea.
      Maybe I’ll win lotto & be able to come with you girls in September :))
      Cheers xx

  5. So excited and happy for you Roni. Your itinerary has a play date with your senses!.

    • Ohhh squeal!!! You’ve hit the nail right on the head Lovely Sharon.
      I’m so excited….
      Can’t wait to catch up with you guys either :))
      Big love xxx

  6. I want to share your words with everyone I know and love! they capture the excitement, share the detail and fill in the colour beautifully… I have been so caught up in work and scurrying about trying to get everything done that I have almost popped a valve… Now I am almost through my urgent to do list, and all I want to do is sit on that plane, count my blessings , hold your hand, smile at you and take off on this amazing journey… WoooHOO not long now!!!!!

    • You are such a gorgeous girl Pammie! Yes, I can’t wait either…..& I am so happy & honoured that you will be able to experience it all with me.
      We are all so pressured getting ready for this monumental trip, I reckon there will be much sinking into those plane seats & sipping & giggling :))
      Excitement!!! Cheers huni xx

  7. Aww shucks…you’re so kind and funny…

    • And you are a flippin’ legend…thanks so much for bringing this trip into my orbit :)) big love always xxx

  8. Aww thanks for the nice words and link… As always you paint a picture with your words and delight 🙂

    • And thanks back to you oh talented teacher for making it possible…we are the fortunate ones to be accompanying you on these magic trips :)) xx

  9. Have fun. Can’t wait to read about your food adventures ☺

    • Woot! Woot! Last minny stuff & counting down. See you on the other side lovely…..& thanks for being such a gorgeous supporter :)) xx

  10. Beautiful Roni, I can’t wait to be part of your journey. Xo

    • Squeal!!! Thankyou Suzie, I can always rely on you to share with me, love that story :)) xx

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