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Pantry Parties. Kitchen Confidence Coaching.

Welcome to Pantry Parties!

Let us show you how to turn fun into a feast….

pantry parties

We are Mobile. We come to you in the comfort of your own home. With the best ingredients & all the equipment you need to create your culinary sensation…

From our lists, you pick a style & choose the menu….   That’s it! Gather your friends, mingle around the bench, learn, laugh & feast.

We bring everything! All the food we need & all the things to make it!!


Let’s turn fun into a feast!!!

You, our host/hostess, invite your friends, choose a menu theme, supply the music & the wine (your choice of drink,) set a pretty table & enjoy the party.

We organize the details, the menus, do the shopping, deliver it all to your kitchen. We supply the recipes & the hands-on how-to. We even clean up as we go….

Easy!apple pie

Classes on offer…. for now! These will continually change to your liking as we progress & evolve :))

  • High-Tea Happiness
  • Gorgeous Gluten Free
  • Dude Food Dishes
  • Finger Food & Canapés
  • Top Shelf Tastes (eg. truffles, caviar, lobster. Price dependent on menu items.)
  • Sweet Hearts & Naughty Tarts……delectable desserts
  • Moving Out Matters
  • Kids Cooking Classes (in school holidays)
  • Beautiful Basics (sauces, chutneys, trimmings)
  • Week Night Wonders
  • Weekend Wickedness
  • Vegetarian Delight
  • Dinner Party Dazzlers

breakfast8-12 people recommended per class, but really it depends entirely on the size of the kitchen space. And we can work in pairs, or access a bigger premises if required. We have ways of making it work for your needs.

There will be as much consultation as is needed prior to your Pantry Party.

The session is for 4 hours, morning, noon or night, your choice. Remember we are very flexible, so just ask….

Plus you get 2 chefs to help you.

It’s all very informal & user-friendly. It’s hands-on & fun. You are not watching a demonstration, you are creating it! And we are there to guide you all the way.

We gather around the bench, drink in hand, music in the background, we laugh, share & learn some useful tricks & tips while we create a feast.

We set a pretty table. And then we eat, drink & be merry….:))

Villa Campestri Luxury Olive Oil Resort, Tuscany

We’d love it if we could have as much clear bench space as possible. And if your people had their feet covered & their hair tied back out of the way.

It can be as low key or as boisterous as suits your mood.

We will add to your theme. Our little extra touches will help your Pantry Party unfold just the way you like.

We will even take candid shots (if you choose) for your delight & memories.

Cooking Classes

Cooking Classes

It’s a great Team Building exercise, with clients or peers, highlighting talents & helping personalities shine.

Fabulous for young people leaving home & having to fend for themselves, giving them added knowledge & confidence.

Good fun for any of us who want to brush up on our skills & learn a few tricks. A fabulous refresher, because we all get a little stuck doing the same old meals again & again. Let’s give them a fresh new twist.

corporate cooking classes

Corporate Team Building

Great also for Bridal Showers, Parties of any kind, the perfect gift for Foodies. Any Celebrations where we get together & enjoy the company.

Plus as many Gift Cards or Vouchers as you wish….

Let’s have some fun! Let’s dine at yours!!

Sit-Down Dinners

Sit-Down Dinners

Contact us with your…. 

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And we will get right back to you. Cheers,RoniChef Roni

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  1. So proud of you xxx

    • Awwww thanks Kel, you made me get a little rush of tears in the eye :))
      love you loads xx

  2. Oh, aren’t you a delight! These Pantry Parties are a fabulous idea & sound like such fun!!!

    • Thankyou & Merry Christmas…..the new year is looking interesting already!
      Yes it will be heaps of fun. Can’t wait :)) xx

  3. Fantastic Roni! Very interested in the Pantry Parties!

    • Very cool Matilda. Perhaps we can run one up your way sometime soon? I know I would learn lots of tips from you too….:)) xx

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