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Permission Granted. Seriously?

Permission Granted. Seriously?photo-1432835305417-6919779246b4

Permission granted. Seriously?

Omg! I just got a phone call from Queensland State Library asking if they could archive my food website “”….

The kind lady tells me my blog asks questions of the current food movement, speaks of topical ingredients & how they are used, of travelling to cook & interesting perspectives. She says that it lends itself passionately & in everyday expression, to a thinking account of the food culture as it is now.

She says people always ask loads of food-based questions & do much historical research. They are pre-empting the needs of future generations by archiving digital food related data.beans

How awesome is that????

You think you are just rabbiting on about stuff that matters to you….& you find out that your reflections may matter to how the world sees our habits in the early twenty-first century! They want to archive it for future generations research on historical activities relating to food & culture.

Omg!!! Who knew my ramblings could have significant impact!!! I’m amazed & tickled pink….I’m in pleasant shock :)) 

I’m also intrigued to learn about a lot of good forward thinking practises. The service they are accumulating with such a vision can be an unexpected bonus these days.fresh carrots

My reply?

“….. Thankyou also for bringing to my awareness the awesome forward thinking work you do. That makes so much sense (& I had never even wondered where all that historical info comes from.)

Lastly, thanks so much for recognizing something that matters in my writing, & I am honoured to be archived :)) lol. Permission granted. You made my day.”food transport

  1. Congratulations & deservedly so!! Follow your passion!!

    • Thanks huni….it was a really pleasant surprise that’s for sure :))
      Now I can leave something behind as well as my children :)) xx

  2. Hey Roni,

    Thats wonderful, so happy that your effots have been archived, well done.

    Hope to see you back in SAKGF. at school,

    Love Tania

    • Thanks Tan, it’s a bit crazy cool isn’t it!
      Hope see you back in the school kitchen soon, but it is the pointy end of a caterers calendar :))
      Will def be back on deck after the hols…..xx

  3. That’s so great!!! Keep up the good work Xxx

    • Thanks so much for taking the time Taymour, you know I really appreciate it :)) mmwwaahhh!! xx

  4. Soooo excited, at last others are recognising what we have known all along- YOU ARE AWESOME!!!!! Go you!!!!!! I’m bursting with excitement for you!!! WOOO-fricken-HOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. LOL I felt the same way. Me?? really?? cool!

    As Julie said, YOU ARE AWESOME!!! 🙂 XXOO

    • Ah Maureen, of course you too!!! Congratulations!! Yes it is pretty cool….:))
      Now for that coffee & catch up!

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