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Presentation Platters

Today it’s about visual stimulation. Did you know that a large percentage of wanting to taste this, or consume that, is based on how inviting it looks?

There are so many ways to activate the foodie senses…the smell of fresh, hot baking, grinding coffee beans, or onion & garlic frying, for example. The anticipation of tastes to come, an explanation of what’s cooking…

And then there’s good, plain old it’s-time-to-eat hunger.


When you spend your time, your energy & maybe even your joy, creating a certain masterpiece, surely you want it look its best when it comes time to present it to your special people! It makes no matter whether it’s an easy, every-day meal, or a complicated speciality dish, we want them all to shine. We want a frame for our work-of-art, to give visual credit to our physical effort.

Without delving into physiological reasons, & to keep it short & sweet, there are a couple of rules-of –thumb, in my experience, to bare in mind. These are generalizations to be kept in your arsenal of quick tricks & helpful hints.  Pulled out, dusted off & turned into confidence boosters,  when, or where-ever appropriate….



As strange as it may sound, people prefer to see food elevated rather than flat!  The tasting magnet is stronger, the fingers come out to pinch a bit, the fork likes to delve a little deeper. Let’s see what’s down there…let’s explore further…it could be a treasure chest at the end of the rainbow, a pirates bounty.

Too much? Take notice next time there’s food around, check it out for yourself. Flatten some plates out & pile some high….watch. What’s the verdict?


Almost all food looks good on white. It becomes a neutral showcase for your fare. You can add a splash of contrast colour, bring it to life with fresh green foliage, dress it up with accessories, like serviettes or chopsticks, & condiments, like sauces or pepper etc.

It’s not a hard & fast rule…pale items can look stunning on a dark plate. Whatever will compliment your meal to its best.

For me, plain serving crockery is paramount, because I think the food should speak for itself! You don’t want your creation in conflict, fighting for attention, demanding to be heard. You just want it put forward, amid oohhs & aahhhs, inviting the taste testers.


So a collection of beautiful white bowls, platters, jugs, trays, whatever suits your style, is essential. Put them on your Christmas wish list, tell your family & friends, or choose your own. They build up over time, & then you will have the perfect piece for any occasion.

And then it becomes addictive. It becomes exciting to experiment, to see what picture you can manipulate, what visual enjoyment you can conjure up. What a sense of accomplishment…your work has been rewarded!

These are the 2 most simple, useful, everyday tips that will make your food look awesome. Height!… & White!

It’s the old KISS thing really…always very handy!

(Keep It Sensationally Simple) xx

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