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Pumping Birthday Bash.

Pumping Birthday Bash.

It was not so much of a foodie birthday this year, although of course there was much yummy food involved. It was much more of a pumping birthday bash. So just for you lovelies who are interested, here is a quick follow-up!  here we are about to head off in my daughters new VW…2 more to jump in :))


Last weekend the weather was dismal. This had been a bit of a concern to us because we had a largely outdoors celebration weekend planned….but we have been blessed by glorious Autumn sunny days & crisp, snuggly nights.

Soccer season started again on Saturday, so off we went & all met up to watch our little boys play. And a special daughter arrived from the Gold Coast to share in our rowdy festivities. Lots of family members….basking in the warm sun & cheering on the little dudes. We won!!

Then it was stash the kids & straight on to the first ever Big Pineapple Music Festival. Yay!

Those heady days of doing festivals, getting down with the mud & the blood & the beer as it were, have long passed. So it was with great delight that we walked on slightly rugged dry terrain & had to shield ourselves from the penetrating sunny glare.

Lather up with sun screen. Stand in queues for food & drink. Seek shade. Bump & grind & jiggle around to the music. Smile lots. Walk lots. Talk loud, make sign language, hoarse voices. Bump into friends.…one large communal euphoria! Music, music, music.

The sun dropped & the chill settled upon us. The lights came up & we danced some more. The music pumped, no time for cold. Check out the food stalls, more standing, more walking…

We left for a while, took some of the crew home. It was nice to take a break from the mayhem, & even more exceptional to take a seat while we were travelling!! Phew!! A pleasant, quick surprise visit from a friend awaited me, how lovely.

Back in festival mode for a couple of hours, a quick bite to eat & a bit more ear-shattering, visual kaleidoscope stimulation. Here’s festival food ….

Then off to a family home for a sit-down, a regroup & a story telling session to top off the night….

Sunday brings another perfect day! My children & their families meet at my house nice & early. Off we go up the range for the family breakfast, to warm in the morning sun once again, & bask in the clatter & chatter. For me it was smoked salmon & eggs, & steaming hot coffee.  One of my precious sisters joined us too. And then we all headed home to our respective responsibilities.

Those who didn’t need to rush off had a little girlie wander around the shops. And my beautiful girls all pitched in & bought me a leather back pack, (which had been on my wish list for several years) to take on my upcoming travels. :)) How special!

Race back home, say all our goodbyes (which always takes a bit of time in a big family:)) hand over whatever produce we have in abundance & send them off with love, appreciation & a care package.

Then another lovely sister has lunch waiting, on the table, with linen & flowers. All the good, healthy foods after a big day on the run yesterday.  Ahh, to sit calmly! We share with a special friend who’s moving excitedly forward in her journey. Lot’s of chatting, delicious fare, a beautiful bottle of red, & no rush.

A simply gorgeous end to a fabulously hectic birthday weekend.

I am so honoured to have such a caring family…thankyou, with much love!

  1. One of the things I miss most is having no family around. I visit them via Skype and it’s not the same. My sister is coming in June and that will be a spectacular time for me.

    • Yes Maureen…family can be spectacularly fantastic! Bring on June huh! love xx

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