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Raw Food Reggae

Raw Food Reggae

Look what our gorgeous friend Caro wrote….

imgres-1Veronica Sheather and Cher Fauvel,

It seems that I have neglected you,

I need to create a short bagatelle,

I’ve some serious catching up to do.

If you want to learn about Food That Sings,

Or enjoying some Food In The Raw,

You’ll learn all this, amongst other things,

And you’ll want to start learning more.

You’ll learn about eggplants or aubergines,

You’ll learn to make smoothies or juices or shakes,

You’ll learn the importance of eating your greens,

You might even master some raw recipe cakes!

You’ll start to lose weight,

Your skin will feel young,

You’ll finish your plate,

You’ll feel Spring has been sprung!

foodpic-2-1Your health will improve,

And your appetite,

You’ll get in the groove,

You’ll feel well, you’ll feel bright.

Try it! You’ll find to your huge surprise,

The fat disappears from your bum and your thighs,

And soon you become a real happy camper,

So sit down and open that great raw food hamper!



thankyou so much for the lovely surprise Caro…we are tickled pink 🙂

check out more of Caro’s musings here

  1. Caro rocks!

  2. yes. yes. yes she does Carolina…..we love her party wherever she goes :)) xx

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