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Red Foods, a little powerhouse of health. 10 recipes.

Red Foods, a little powerhouse of health. 10 recipes.cherries from France

From strawberries to beets, red fruits and vegetables are a powerhouse of health & pack a vibrant nutritional punch.

Red foods are packed with antioxidants & vitamins. The colour in red foods comes from Lycopene which help your body fight disease and promote good health.

The wonder-working polyphenol neutralizes free radicals & may inhibit inflammation.strawberries from Nice

Strawberries      tomatoes     ruby grapefruit     raspberries

Cherries      watermelon       red peppers      beets       red grapes

Cranberries     apples      pomegranates     red punch    red wine

Jelly shots     blood orange sorbet    red pears    red cabbage    red onions

Use radicchio leaves as serving vessels     roasted red pepper tapenade

smoked salmon    radish     tomato soup    baked beans   chillies    rhubarbred chillies 

Check out these great little posts on what the colours mean and how they could affect your nutrition choices!

Red Foods….a few of our fav Condiments

One of our lovely friends asks, “can you please tell me how to make a beetroot puree and a red wine jus?” 

  • So for a simple & tasty Beetroot Puree…
    Roast beetroot, garlic, sprig of thyme & salt under foil covered dish till well done. When cool, rub s
    kin off with gloved fingers :)) Process with splash of red wine vinegar & tblspn. soft butter for shine. Adjust seasoning. Done!

You can add horseradish, chilli, other fresh herbs, yoghurt, sour cream…anything to make it into a dip or give it the flavours you like.pomegranites

  • And Red Wine Jus….

Cook off garlic & onion, add same amounts of red wine & stock (it can be a combination of chicken & beef stock, & pan juices if you have them. Throw in some rosemary & reduce gently by half. Strain if you prefer, & season. And again, butter will give it gloss :)) (Sshhhh!!! & a few red jelly crystals give it added colour & sweetness)
Too easy…enjoy!!tomato salad

  • Beetroot Chutney :

Julienne & soak overnight (in a huge pot)….

10 red onions, 4kg beetroot, 3 cups sugar(750g) juice of 2 lemons, 4 cups water

Slow cook 3 hours. Well worth it!

  • Tomato Tapenade :

Semi-dried tomatoes, capers, anchovies, crushed tomatoes, splash balsamic vinegar, basil, roast capsicums, stock powder or salt & pepper

Process, taste, adjust seasoning.tomatoes in Rome

  • Quick Tomato Relish :

Roast 2 kgs. tomatoes, 1 large onion, 4 cloves garlic

Just cover with vinegar, 2/3 cup sugar, lots of basil, dollop of tomato paste, s&p, 1 tblspn, beef booster (or vegemite)

Process a little until you have desired texture.

  • Tomato Chutney :

1 kg. chopped onions, 2-3 kg. tomatoes, 2 tblspns. garlic, 2 tblspns. ginger, 1 cup brown sugar, ½ cup red wine vinegar, 1 tblspn. curry powder, 2 tblspns. mustard, ½ cup currants, salt

Cook all together till wine

  • Roast Red Cap & Semi-Dried Tomato Dip:

1½ cups semi-dried toms, 6 roasted peeled red caps, ½ cup roasted pine nuts, 500g. cream cheese,

½ cup parmesan, 1 tblspn. balsamic vinegar, 1 tblspn. garlic, 1 tblspn. tomato paste, 1 tspn. sugar, S&P

Process but leave some texture.

  • How To Roast Red Peppers :

Cook in roasting dish in hot oven 220* for 30-40 mins. until skin blackens & flesh softens. Put into lidded plastic container to sweat for 5-10 mins. then peel skin off while holding under water.roast veggies

  • Roasted Red Pepper Sauce :

4 cooked & peeled red caps (as above) Cut open, discard seeds but keep any juices.

Process with 300g. can tomatoes, pinch each of salt & cayenne pepper.

Fabulous with grilled or BBQ prawns, fish or chicken. Or drizzled over vegetables or roast lamb. Or swirled through soup.

  • And of course our old favourite, Mums Tomato Sauce.

  1. Love this blog & the link x I just love colour therapy in any form x

    • Oh thanks Kel….yes all the colour groups of fruit & veg have amazing health benefits.
      Guess there’s a series on grouping colour themed foods :))
      Fascinating knowledge I reckon….xx

  2. OMG…aren’t we blessed!!!! They are so pretty and you make them really appealing how could one not want to eat these foods…I love eating Rainbows…

    • I agree Carolyn, it almost makes me want to run right down to our local fruit & veggie store & buy up big. Immediately.
      But wait, I’m going to the farmers markets in the morning……
      It’s always a sumptuous picture on the kitchen bench when we unload our treasures & check out what a cache we’ve come home with :)) xx

  3. I love a meal that has all the colours. I didn’t know all this about red though. I had to laugh (at myself) when you wrote red caps. I thought that was a veg I wasn’t familiar with – you Aussies. Then I looked at the photo and it’s a capsicum.


    • Ah Maureen….it’s so good to get a chuckle out of our different cultures. Lol…glad we could help you learn our typical shortening slang :))
      There’s so much about red that i didn’t put in, but yes, it is interesting stuff.
      Thanks for stopping by again,
      cheers Roni xx

  4. This looks nice. Bet it tastes delicious to. Thanks for sharing.


    • Hey Simon, thanks for joining us :)) yep, red food is the bomb….& everyone loves spag bol.

  5. Yum! I will try make the beetroot relish. Sounds delicious ????????????

    • Good on you Kass, it’s the bomb! And a great reminder for me to make it again too,
      thanks, cheers to you!! :)) xx

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