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Red Velvet Cupcakes…Kids Cooking Classes

Red Velvet Cupcakes…Kids Cooking Classes.

(A repeat of an old favourite)
Thursdays with Theo & Thumbelina.

Today is the last day we get to cook with our little Thumbelina for a while…bit sad & bitter sweet for me :((
But very exciting for her & her mummy & daddy…off to the snow for the season!

We decided to all meet up for coffee & cake before tackling our daily lists…one last time for a while!

A young cheffy friend, Hayley, makes the most awesome Red Velvet Cake, so at the café, we ordered several slices to share.
Our little people keen to be out & about & mingling with the tribe once more.

Got us thinking about social amalgamation, integrations, acceptable public behaviour…our teaching responsibilities.
The usual manners of course, a bit of common courtesy.
No running around willy-nilly, no very loud voices.
Time to exercise a bit of constraint, acknowledge service, be aware of other patrons & their experience.

Interesting topic! Creates a platform for individual perspective. What do you think..?

It’s easy when we involve everyone in the round-table conversation…the kids get to have their say, & we get to explain the why or the why not.
There’s a better understanding…& we can hope for a little more clarity maybe, when the subject comes around again :))

Once our tummies are sorted, we head off with Thumbelina to spend a bit of girly time & make a few more memories.
We feed the ducks, ride a kangaroo, explore the doll shop, visit an elderly friend, & walk along rock walls, balancing by aunties hand.
(more pics
We learn to dolly-step! Don’t we all remember how to do that?

We want to try our own hand at Red Velvet Cake, & decide on cupcakes!

So we buy our groceries, then spend our last session playing together at the kitchen bench…for a little while at least.
We join forces with Theo, it’s after school by now…

Such fun!
Lots of eggs to break, things to mix, beaters & spoons to lick, patty-cases to put in tins…wash-the-dishes, dry-the-dishes, turn-the-dishes oooover!

(In the midst of all this baking, we did a test run on a gluten-free batch, made on almond meal.
We added more cocoa, a splash of vinegar & a heap of cochineal.
My research had found that there is a chemical reaction between the cocoa powder & the vinegar which helps turn the cake red.
Not sure, more testing required, however they were very moist & so yummy…)

And then they are done!
Out they come, all red & beautiful.
They smell so good!

We make the warm cream cheese icing, lick fingers again, & wash hands for the umpteenth time.

When they cool, we spread on the icing, we put little icing flowers on the top, & sprinkle them with silver balls…

Ooohhh look!!!!
How pretty!!!!

  1. What about the flowers at the top of each Cupcake? Are they made of what?

    • Hello, hello…thanks for the question :)) The little flowers on top are marzipan. You can just buy them in the supermarkets in the baking section, or you could use real ones (like most often do) Happy cooking, cheers Roni xx

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