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Screaming Reminder, the End is Knocking.

Screaming Reminder, the End is Knocking.

All of a sudden I have had a screaming reminder that my time here is coming to an end.IMG_6326

I’ve been so consumed with extracting the most of all these foreign & unfamiliar ways that I didn’t really see it staring at me, I just knew it was outside somewhere. But now it’s knocking, incessantly, hard & relentless…so perhaps time for a little recap & reflection.

Lots of good things have happened, seen so much astounding beauty, met so many lovely people from all walks of life. I’ve learned lots, & yet nothing much… whilst the culture is so different, we are all pretty much the same with similar wants, needs & respects required! Family, food & shelter….IMG_6238

Here’s a little sample of things I have learnt….

  • that the local limoncello has been described as an alcoholic religious experience :))
  • to wear a petticoat to bed & have something handy to throw on over the top if the door bell rings or an alarm goes off…
  • even though the traffic is a mess & scary to some, there’s a sense of calm harmony in it’s chaos.IMG_5078
  • that I would rather entertain myself at home than enter the duress of experiencing & exploring by myself after dark.
  • & whilst it’s a bonus to have those times alone, part of me feels a little held-captive because of my reluctance to step out solo at night.
  • that I really do prefer someone to play with.IMG_6328
  • that it’s a bit naughty to sit on a rooftop terrace & drink red wine with a Finnish composer when I have check-in responsibilities :))
  • that the Duke & the Duchess are genuinely warm, unpretentious, extremely well educated & generous human beings.
  • the construction materials used & the styles portrayed tell the history of time.
  • a grand appreciation & incredible awe of our ancestors.
  • a want to embrace international travellers with simpatico in my own country.IMG_6229
  • the song in me just keeps getting stronger, the dance more vibrant.
  • despite the perpetual stairs (or perhaps because of) my knees are feeling their age.
  • I can survive more than two days without cooking …:))

There’s a whole heap of other things, both profound & personal, cultural & compelling, but that’s for another time.

Here’s a couple of links to remind us of what was happening a couple of months ago, 9 weeks to be precise….IMG_5832

I’ve been wined & dined,  entertained & shown around. By Duke, Duchess, music composers, film directors, famous shoe designers, artists, journalists & opera singers.

I’ve been in an American reality TV program yet to be aired. I’ve developed relationships with the Palazzo & it’s people, & made some special new friends from both home soil & abroad.IMG_6332

Conquered my internet & technology issues, defined those individual needs. Eaten some of the freshest gorgeous healthy food, learnt some fantastic tricks & recipes. Been introduced to some new vegetables & found different uses of others.  Discovered the best tiramisu & risotto…IMG_6346

I love my little upstairs boudoir, with it’s rounded ceiling & it’s creatively angled walls & porticos, my little Juliette balcony with it’s typical clothes lines facing into the courtyard.


It reminds me of a spacious gypsy caravan, filled with wonder & movement. It’s my cave of solace after my show-cloak of welcome & reliability has been put to bed, my quirky space to breathe & renew…

I will be sorry to leave it behind….


But the exciting part is that my 2 beautiful daughters are coming!!! So excited…& a whole new chapter is about to unfold!

I would never have imagined us holidaying together in Europe for 3 weeks, just we 3 girls, momentarily unencumbered by the rest of our respective commitments. It’s not something I have ever dreamt of, but I am so, so delighted & grateful that we were able to make it happen. Such a bonus! So blessed!IMG_5741

And the ripple effect stimulates my next-generation secret cultivation thoughts delightfully…legacy seeds are being sown.

Now I just have to orchestrate a worldly adventure with my spunky son & daughter-in-law, & maybe our precious little people if we win the lottery :))

Una volta nella vita! Once in a lifetime!

  1. Beautiful words, you tell the story well. How exciting to have your daughters joining you, such wonderful memories and I just sooooo want to be there.

    • Oh Fran, you really should do it & cross it off your bucket list. Stay at the Palazzo, Butera 28, the Duchess herself is so worth the experience…
      Thank you for your kind words too :)) xx

  2. How exciting, you’ll never forget this chapter of your life Ronica. And I can’t wait to hear all about it and taste your arancini balls and risotto – two of my faves. See you in a couple of weeks for birthday drinks.

    • I’m so glad you put arancini in there Jen :))
      One of the reasons for these little stories is to prompt this ole memory in weeks to come, it needs a bit of help these days….lol.
      So much colour, so much life, details get all rolled up into one delicious ball in my mind, so these will help me reflect & remember.
      Can’t wait for big birthday celebrations either!
      Who would’ve thought…:))
      Much love xx

  3. You write beautifuly Roni. Your journey sounds forfilling and enlightning in every possible way. I look forward to ur return but hope that the last of your time goes as slow as possible as you are reunited with some family soon. Lots of love xxxx

    • Oh God love ya Kylea…thanks for your kind words! I know,it’s a bitter sweet state of affairs….but I am excited at the thought of giving my girls a big squeeze & sharing some adventures with them :)) big love always Roni xx

  4. I am so happy to hear that your family is coming to share with you the joys of another culture. I love all your stories and hope to hear form you when you get back to do a Sicilian cooking extravaganza. Go with the senses and love and live with joy. This will be your motto. It is not an end of the great time you had it is the physical departure from a place that gave you a lot and will continue to give you more as time goes by. Bella esperienza e saluti.

    • What a lovely thought to share with us Sonia…thank you for y
      our Sicilian wisdom :)) And so true too…
      Yes indeed, lets do an awesome cooking extravaganza! What fun! A reminder of the fabulous feasts from Nicoletta’s kitchen, can’t wait already :)) ciao bella xx

  5. Thanks again for sharing your experiences Roni, I was once again transformed to Italy what wonderful memories to have and share. New chapter begins with your girls, big hugs look forward to having a wine with you back home x

    • Thanks for being there to share them with Cath :)) not much fun if no-one’s listening, so seriously, much gratitude to you.
      And heck yeah…I am looking forward to that red wine & a few stories between me getting home & you taking off on your big adventure!
      I think it’s the year of amazing things…:))
      much love Roni xx

  6. Wow!…it is done! Well nearly…oh, how time flies…will be awesome to have the girls there! Well done for taking the initiative and working as hard as you did to achieve…sounds like it was all worth it!!! And there is still much to come…woot, woot!!!!

    • lol…thanks for being around to witness (& acknowledge) that :)) yes, it has gone quickly, & like it has been said before, it is a twin edged sword.
      Sad to be leaving, excited that the girls are coming & a new chapter begins!
      Today I give up my little apartment :(( & move into the private residence for my last week…let the adventures continue :))
      ciao bella xx

  7. I’m hearing U Roni !!!!! Yes it’s been great to read yr blogs n go aaaaahhhhhhhh after them all 🙂 Looking forward to catching up with U REAL SOON in Nice and let me tell U …… There will be NO sitting @ home after dark during the coming weeks of excitement !!!!!!!!! Xxx ciao ciao

    • No Val…am looking forward to that bit!
      And I’m glad you understand about my sorrow at leaving…& at my joy of the experience :))
      Looking forward to playing with you girls….bring on the next chapter :)) xx

  8. One Short Life …….. Im so glad you got to live this part of it … And you 3 .. wow so happy for you … Enjoy soak it up and take heaps and heaps of pics as memories fade and pics help you retain it all … One Short Life ..Live Love Dance

    • oh Paul…first thanks for writing your thoughts with us, that’s special. And then I know how much your wishes for us as a family are genuine :)) So thank you!
      It’s a pretty exciting & unexpected adventure for us..we just have to get another epic one happening with the boy & his lovely partner…
      I don’t know about pictures, not much of a photographer, but that is why I’m writing these posts, to share with the people who care, & as a reminder for me down the track :)) xx
      Big love to you & yours always, from us always xxx

  9. How beautiful. You are writing a book about this,yes? Your pix are gorgeous!

    • Hey lovely, lol…that sounds so like you :)) & the answer is this is as close to the book as it gets :))
      Thanks for stopping by & your encouraging words…ciao bella, big love xxx

  10. Oh, it takes us back! Thanks for great descriptions and reminders of the food, hospitality and friendship of Via Butera. Have a fabulous birthday and time with your daughters, see you in Oz before long, we hope.

    • Oh you girls…how gorgeous you are! Thank you, & I will!
      I am so happy we crossed paths & spent a few moments together…& really looking forward to meeting at Pizzini’s one fine day in the future:))
      big love Roni xx

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