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The Rhythm of the Time Difference…

The Rhythm of the Time Difference…

Yay! 8 hours sleep, the rhythm of the time difference has settled into place.file000463330442

I wake up thinking I’m back in familiar surroundings, on the other side of the planet, which is predictable & comforting. And then immediately remember the thick walls, the eternal stairs, the dark light, the history of the palazzo & the welcome of the duchess & duke, which feels warm & exhilarating.

Nicoletta & Gioacchino have now left this country to do a book promotion in New York… & I am left alone to greet our guests once more :))

So I learn to get the palazzo staff to fix a latch on one of the apartments, repot a broken plant, paint under a particular window & to change a light bulb…thank goodness for google translator!!!p0t

At 4pm Carla, a good friend of the duchess & a current house guest is calling by so we can go walking & practice our individual foreign languages.

We then, 3 of us, have dinner together at 7pm with another personal house guest, Wolf, a crazy German filmmaker (in Nicoletta’s own words:)Teatro_Politeama_Garibaldi_at_night,_Palermo,_Sicily,_Italy_(9455534425)

Allora (means, and then) maybe I would even like to go to a musical performance at 9pm? A trumpet maestro from Cuba no less, accompanied by a piano genius, with a man I’ve met once at dinner!! In an unfamiliar city!! (Carla has a previous engagement, so that just leaves the 2 of us…)

That’s awesome! How could I refuse..! I figure as long as I have taxi fare & know my address, in case we get separated, I will be fine. And so we set out, walking, jumping on busses, chatting….out at 9pm for another adventure.

He’d heard about this recital, went & scored free passes in the afternoon. Wolf is an old friend of the conductor, (who was an ex-student of the Duke) & I am graciously welcomed because I’m staying with the Duke & the Duchess…fresu_paolo1111111

And so, on a Monday evening, sharing a recital with 1000 others, we have a perfect balcony, in the very beautiful & famous theatre, Politeama Garibaldi…I am in awe!

Here’s a sample…it got lots more animated :)) xx
Paolo Fresu e Omar Sosa live – YouTube

OMG! how does this stuff happen?  The whole experience is awesome & I count my blessings every day!OMAR SOSA

I’ve got to laugh at the irony though, if I was home I’d be curling up in bed about then :))

And so my calendar is booked for today, & tomorrow both house guests will vacate the palazzo…

It’s a bit weird, just me & the staff…& the customers of course, but they are always out sightseeing.

I learn a few new words everyday…Abbracci (means hugs :)) xx1-IMG_8432

  1. Sounds fantastic. Oh the memories you are making.

    • Thanks Jen….yep I will eventually read these back & feel very fond of these moments I’m sure :)) xx

  2. you make me feel like im in wonderland xx

    • What a gorgeous thing to say Kim! Thanks so much…love you loads :)) ciao bella xx

  3. There is definately a great deal to find out about this topic.
    I love all the points you have made.

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