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How to make Perfect Creamy Risotto every time!

Recipe Romance…Mondays Mid-Week Meal Ideas!

Perfect Creamy Risotto.
Today we make the perfect creamy risotto!
My eldest daughter is visiting for a special family occasion, my grandsons 7th birthday. As his most special person in the world is his Auntie, (apart from his mother) & as they haven’t seen each other for a few months, she took the day off work & made the trek to see us all.
Risotto ingredients
Much excitement!
They went shopping, the family gathered & I thought a gorgeous risotto would do the trick…quick, easy, healthy & gluten-free. We made ours vegetarian, as we had been to the markets the day before & had acquired a heap of crisp fresh asparagus, just picked snow peas & baby spinach.

Combining them with some shaved parmesan, a crumbling of fetta & a splash of truffle oil made for a delightfully warm & tasty meal, while still remaining crunchy, hearty & satisfying.
Risotto...the first stirring
One of the excellent things about risotto, is that you can make it with any flavours you like…your favourite goodies, or just what you can put together from the things in your pantry & fridge :))

This is a basic (& non-traditional) way to make risotto.

This is the quick & easy cheats version (don’t like that word…how about the quick & easy short-cut version?)

How to make Perfect Creamy Risotto every time…
ladle after ladle of stock for risotto
Tip #1.
Always use hot stock… using cold lowers the temp. & can make the rice gluggy.
Cook the rice a little first….this allows it to become glassy & breaks down the first layer of starch.
Stir until each ladle of stock is absorbed…..this releases starch & makes risotto creamy. (stirring, stirring, stirring, you cannot over-stir risotto)
the flavours for todays' risotto
• Gently cook off some finely chopped onion, garlic & Aborio Rice in a little butter &g oil, to give it a little colour & bring out the flavours. (there are several types you can use, like Carnaroli, but Aborio is probably the most common)

• This is where you can add a good dash of wine if you wish…

• Gradually add stock of choice (vegetable stock if keeping it vegetarian) about a cup at a time.
• Stir often, top up with more stock, stir often, top up with more stock.
• Repeat, repeat until rice is al dente!
Ready for the risotto pot
• Depending on the vegetables you are using, gauge how much time you need for them to cook.
Add accordingly…
For example, asparagus & snow peas only need about 5 mins. before cooking is completed.
• Toss through a generous knob of butter for the famous risotto creaminess & gloss (this is where we added some parmesan cheese & a drizzle of truffle oil :))
• Cover & let sit for a couple of mins.
• Serve & shave more parmesan on top of your dish.
stir ingredients through risotto
A good risotto has a little liquid pooling in the bowl as it is plated…mmmmm, moist & juicy goodness!!

A fabulous dish to have in your arsenal of on-the-spot magic meals!
It’s like riding a bike…once you’ve mastered it, there’s no end to the yummy creations you can pull out to satisfy any amount of hungry mouths.
butter makes creamy risotto
risotto yumminess

  1. Wow Roni ,some great tips for the Risotto. I do love a risotto and found the tips on using hot stock and pre cooking the rice a short time both a great idea which I will try out this week. Photo looks yummy too. Thanks so much for this post. Ros McLaughlin

    • Enjoy experimenting with the tips Ros…it is so good to have in your arsenal of quick awesome dishes :))

  2. Cool….thanks for stopping by! Got any food questions we can help you with?

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