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Road Trip Home.

Road Trip Home.

Ohhh, another road trip! Excitement….Blue Mountains

My daughter picked me up on the way to work & dropped me at the local station. An early train trip into the city, sling the little half moon case into my waiting cousins car, & Thelma & Louise are off on an adventure!

My cousin is moving back to Victoria, so I decided to shove her stuff over & hop on board. It’s always more fun to do a road trip with company :))Road trip

We didn’t manage to pick up Brad Pitt, & gratefully, we avoided that cliff & all those flashing lights at the end, but never-the-less, it was delightful to be cruising along on our own agenda.misty mountains

We sang, chatted about any number of issues, worked out how to save the world & checked out cafes when ever we wanted to…

We caught up with old friends, met new ones, & soaked up the beauty of this majestic country as it unfolded before us.roadside cafe

First overnight stop, dinner & drinks with new friends in gorgeous South West Rocks, two sisters & two cousins, warm & comfortable in our womens wisdom.afternoon tea

Supposed to be getting up for an early breakfast together at the Boathouse before hitting the road & cake

Naturally, after a big night, they sleep in, comfortable in their own beds, & we arise early, eager to roll. So the first of the love notes find their way onto the kitchen table.

“Thanks for having us, loved your company & appreciate your hospitality. Come on up so we can reciprocate sometime. Cheers, we’re out of here…” Or words to that effect :))South West Rocks

After a  another day of driving, singing, we have a catchup night & a delicious garden fresh, home cooked meal, made & grown with love, by old mate Eddie.autumn

Then it’s off to a live music party in the stunning, misty Blue Mountains. In a big leaking shed, with toasty open fire pit, & lots of jamming sing along music.

The forecast flooding rain has started…holidays & rain

Another late night, another early morning, another love note on the kitchen table :))Blue Mountains

More miles under our belt, & some precious fleeting moments with the next generations (children, grandchildren & in-laws,) as we surprisingly crossed paths in Jervis Bay.grandchildren

Then onto wonderful family history connecting, with yet another cousin in beautiful Batemans Bay. All our mums are sisters so we traded many memories & girly sharing.

Once again, a love note.the bay

This time the lady of the house had beaten us at our own game. She had already left at dawn, whisking a daughter an hour away to help realize her dreams of being a future swimming champion (as mums do.)Batemans Bay

Last leg! Off to Canberra for a late breakfast & a quick visit with old friends. Then it’s Victoria here we come…

Delightedly into the embrace of sisters & brothers, aunts & uncles, mums & dads. But not without a twinge of sorrow at the end of our journey….boathouse

More drinking, more chatting, more laughter makes short work of that sentiment!

Plus sunny skies….chooks

Then there’s been generous welcomes, assorted house rules, cute old pets, clean hair, clean clothes, pump up air beds, & oh my goodness, I’d forgotten how narrow single beds are!welcome

  1. What fun! I really miss having no relatives withing driving distance. There’s nothing wrong with your photos at all. They’re wonderful and I wish I’d been there.

    • lol…thanks kind lady :)) It’s a long drive but it was such a fun time out. We sure would have eaten at a few interesting places if you had been with us, wouldn’t we?

  2. Awesome Mambo… What a delightful story of your road tripping adventures… Big love to you and all the family down there xxx

    • Sweet girl, thanks heaps…you can imagine it knowing the characters involved can’t you? :))
      Yes, will spread big love from you guys & you know they send it back…mmwwaahhh!!

  3. Sounds wonderful! You’ve been saying you wanted to do a road trip for ever! Remember when we used to go to Melbourne for a hamburger? Seems we’ve settled for a more sedentary life style as we get older… we’ll have to put a stop to that!!!!

    You go girls!

  4. Hello is fabulous! Always fun getting out & about….catching up with old friends & plenty of family.
    Now it is all about cooking for mum & dad, stocking up their already bulging freezer & listening to their awesome stories :))
    See you soon…big love xx

  5. Gotta luuuuuuuuuuuv a roadtrip !!!!!!!! Thanks for sharing 🙂

    • Always fun Valerie! Are you ready for one…???
      Where to this year? xxx

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