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Rome & Siena, party & passion (food, fun & friends)

Rome & Siena, party & passion (food, fun & friends)Italy

Roma! So here we are in Rome once again for a few days….always lots to see & do.

Our quirky adventures start with a very old bent-over Italian doorman, probably the owner, always at the desk, no matter what time of day or night we venture in or out.Italy

Always in a suit & always polite with greetings & information, never sleeping it seems….like a cartoon character in a movie.Italy

He sent us to a pumping little family pasta restaurant on our first night.

A perfect change after 3 weeks of gorgeous Greek food….Italy

We discovered that the house red wine & the coffee is consistently very good in Italy.

We sampled a few…Italy

All the regular spectacular tourist attractions were visited for the girls among us who hadn’t been to Rome before.Italy

A cool walk along the Tiber River, a fantastic lunch spot with cute waiters & great food, then a quick decision to jump on a boat & take it all in from the water.Italy

We found ourselves on Tiber Island, in the middle of the river, hooked up with some people playing guitar & drinking beer on the sidewalk & whiled away the afternoon getting to know some locals :))Italy

There may even have been a slight Roman afternoon romance.

(Missed our dinner date back home with the girls….oops! lol)Italy

After lots of yummy food & mind-boggling architecture we sadly leave Rome & excitedly head to gorgeous Siena.Italy

There is so much to be said about Palio, or at least the buildup to Palio.Italy

Several days leading up to the famous bareback horserace around the town square, the streets are alive, the energy is contagious.Italy

Daily contrada representatives (regions) singing loudly, proudly marching through the lanes, tossing flags, beating drums.

Practise & rehearsal twice daily.Italy

Pop-up long table dinners for all the participants & their families peppered throughout the town.Italy

They are speaking my language.

It’s all abuzz.Italy

We visit the impressive underground restaurant of friends made on a previous visit, & heartily appreciate the personal offerings.Italy

We also leave the walled city to visit the Palazzo of some other friends made previously, have coffee & breathe in the stunning vistas.

The hospitality is warm & welcoming.

You could pause for a long while here….

Once again, the historic buildings are mesmerising, awe-inspiring & majestic.Italy

Our hotel is quaint & quirky as usual & the bar is right across the laneway, just a few doors away from all the action.

We fine-dined one evening, had such fun banter with the waiters that they bought us each a long stemmed rose. 13617586_1049967001747946_617933922_n

(Here I debate whether to tell this story! Not very foodie I know, but then I think it was so funny & could happen to any of us so I’m sharing…:))

Resting for a moment on some steps on our way home, a well dressed man comes up & asks will we go with him to kiss for 10 minutes. Just kissing he insists.Italy

Of course not, we tell him.

He steps back, assumes a postured stance, “Why not? Am I not an attractive man?” he asks….

We tell him of course, & laughingly go on our way down our little lane to home.Italy

He apparently runs 3 sides around the block & comes flying around the bottom end of the street propelled by downhill momentum, stops running when he sees us & nonchalantly walks toward us.

We are still laughing at the antics when all of a sudden he is level with us, has his tongue down my throat sucking my lipstick off & shoves my hand on his (clothed) groin!!Italy

We don’t even know what happened next or where he went, but we were in such shock we ended up at the bar beside us having a couple of nightcaps to recompose!Italy

Met some lovely young people, talked differences in cultures, shared shots & ended up filming trolley races in the street.Italy

A bit of fun was had by all…

And as usual, we are sad to go, but keen for our next amazing adventure :))Italy

  1. Awwwk sounds like a fun adventure (despite random tonguing). Have fun. Stay safe. Eat n drink lots ✔✔✔

    • I know Kass, naughty right!! The cheek of him….but it was so funny at the time. It’s still funny every time we think of it :))
      And you know we are doing the rest at a steady pace…lol xx

  2. We certainly have had a wealth of dining experiences during this amazing adventure!
    i will hold the memories very close for always, I have learnt things about artichoke hearts, fresh herbs, goats cheese, national beers, creams brûlée, and obviously the need to take diet once the holiday is over!
    In all honesty though, the thing that will always make me smile on the inside will be the memories of the hysterical, spontaneous, belly laughs that we have shared on this adventure….especially in Rome & Sienna!
    You are a good egg Roni & I am keeping you!

    • Oh Pamela, how special you are (she says with a permanent grin.)
      Thanks so so much for sharing this epic adventure with us (with me) And I am so glad you have taken some culinary tips from the trip… I have learnt a few things myself.
      How flippin” awesome!!! Love you long time.
      Here’s to the memories, the discoveries & the fun….why not? xx

  3. Now that is a classic ‘pash ‘n’ dash’ if ever I heard one…
    Go mumma!!!
    Your adventures sound awesome…
    Memories are for life.

    Love you xx

    • Lol, yep, memories were made :))
      And our dining experiences were interesting too. Most people were wonderful, but occasionally you get someone who rudely won’t look after you or tells you to learn the language, with hand gestures.
      Oh well, universal body language, engagement & good nature helps the world go around 99% of the time xx

  4. Loooove Siena, what a hoot you girls had! Lovely tasting the world with you! xxx

    • Lol…yes indeed, it was a hoot, providing loads of memories, & fantastic going there again with you :))
      Now where is that cable? xx

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