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Round 2 in the school kitchen.

Round 2 in the school kitchen.

Hey all, just a quick catch-up on what we’ve been cooking in the past 2 week block….IMG_3953

We gratefully had a big cardboard box load of Jerusalem Artichokes donated by one of the school parents last week….how awesome is that? Thank you SO much for all usable donations!

So Miss Tania devised a plan to introduce these unusual vegetables to our food prepping & tasting repertoire. We scrubbed them clean, sliced them long ways, coated them in a besan flour batter (thus keeping them gluten free) & shallow fried them. A sprinkle of salt & voila! Jerusalem Artichoke pokaras.

We also made semolina dosas with warm potato, ginger & coriander from the Stephanie Alexander Cooks Companion recipe collection… & a lovely garden salad with dressing.

And as we have an abundance of Rosellas in the school garden at the moment, we were spoilt with a little sago pudding served with rosella syrup to finish it all off. Yum!

How lucky are we?

It’s always mayhem… But mostly we all love it.

We listen to what’s on the menu today & where it came from, a bit about its history, or maybe its value. And then we scrub up, don our aprons, identify our stations, read the recipe, gather the ingredients, prepare, serve, deliver, sit & eat (amidst much chatter.)

When done, we scrape our own plates, rinse & stack them into the dishwasher. Floors are swept, benches wiped & bins emptied. Ready for the next class, back to back….IMG_3969

And then we do it all over again!

I think I am learning as much as the kids are. They teach me & I teach them.

Don’t know if I’m cut out for this role….I made a little girl cry today :((Big bad beast that I am!)

I felt I was protecting her from a situation that could easily have been dangerous, but she wasn’t happy about not being allowed to do a particular job that she was determined to do even after several explanations. I felt bad, I could’ve handled it much better.

And there you go…they teach me! I will get better I’m sure…

But not for the next 6 weeks or so! I am off on a European wandering, a much sought after holiday, seeking & learning of other cultural foods. Wining & dining my way in kitchens & cafes throughout France & Italy! Omg, who can believe it?

Yipee!! See you towards the end of July….:))


  1. How fabulous and interesting..I thought it was ginger! And oohhh for rosella’s to make rosella jam…it is my absolute favourite…using my Mum’s recipe..which is probably the same as everyone else’s. Cheers Di

    • We really love it when you share your thoughts….thanks Di. Hope you find your rosellas & get to taste your jam again soon :)) xx

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