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Salmon, Lime & Mint Patties

Salmon, Lime & Mint Patties…
Recipe Romance…Mondays’ Mid-Week Meals Ideas!

Not sure if we gave you this recipe on Facebook some months ago, (sorry if so), but Salmon, Lime & Mint Patties are very popular with the hoards of hungry mouths we feed, so here is a little re-cap…

Start with some cooked rice, say about 2 cups.
Put into bowl with 1 small fine chopped onion, 2 eggs, tin of salmon, s&p. handful shredded mint, ¼ cup lime juice (you can grate some zest in if you like.)

Mix all together & taste.
Adjust flavour to suit, you could add a splash of sweet chilli, some chopped capers, shake of lemon pepper…
We make ours gluten-free & dairy-free, but you could add flour, sour cream or even yoghurt.

We often just add some left-over mashed potato from last nights’ dinner, we cook extra just for that reason.
It helps bind & stick the patties together a bit better. You choose about the added carbs. :))

Make them into a ball size that will fit into your 2 hands, then pat them down to 2-3 centimetres.
You can make little mini Salmon, Lime & Mint Patties for parties too.

The trick now is to hold flat on your hand & pat in the sides.
They’re not too fragile so that’s okay.

The next trick is to pan fry on medium heat & let them crisp up BEFORE you turn them.
Serve with lots of veggies, for us it’s usually a bit of a stir-fry.
And we love hot & sour sauce, so ours are generously doused with this for extra yumminess.

A squeeze of lime juice will work too.

Recipe link is here if you want (it’s so worth making, for so many things.)
We ALWAYS have it in our fridge…plenty of ideas for use there as well.

Here’s our best weekly use for hot & sour sauce…

You could just pan fry a piece of your favourite fish (of delicate flavour preferably) & then when you flip it over, pour a little flood of the hot & sour sauce all around it.

Keep a careful watch on the cooking because once it starts to caramelize it can burn quickly.
You need to catch it in time.

But Oh my great giddy aunt, it is delectable cooked like that!
With more vegetables or a crisp salad it is heaven on a plate…

Hhmmm! in saying that, I reckon it would be fantastic with something quite strong too, like a salmon steak perhaps!

Note to self…must try! There’s dinner sorted for tomorrow night :))

  1. Mmmmm….another recipe to add to my list of things to try

  2. The dish seems to be yummy and delicious!
    I owe a catering company and is always in search of new and presentable recipes. Your recipe seems to be attractive. I’ll definitely try it and hopes that it will taste good as well…..

    • Thanks Jonathan…enjoy!!! You can make many versions, just keep them moist & they are so yummy! & good for you :)) & kids can help make them too :))

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