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Social Graces…3 tips on “Bringing a Plate.”

Social Graces…3 tips on “Bringing a Plate.”bring a plate

It’s silly season. Party time. A whirlwind of catching up & completion. We’re all a bit pushed for time about now, & there’s lots of frantic fun around.

So often, contributing, or bringing a plate, makes a truck load of sense.
bring a plate

As an aside, we went to a celebration last week, & as is common practise in Australia, the request was to “bring a plate.” I think it’s a fabulous concept for certain events.

Upon entering the party house with my large ovalish platter under my arm, it immediately got nick-named “The Surfboard” & created an ongoing flutter of humour.

Even assembled with the cheeses & crackers from the accompanying bag of goodies, the name lived on into the night.bring a plate

Recently we went to another shared dinner & there seemed to be some confusion about it. Perhaps it means different things to different generations.

So I’ve been doing some research. These are the findings…..

Literally, “bringing a plate” means bring some food to a gathering to share with everyone.

In general, it’s food ready to eat straight away, from the dish it arrives in.

If you are in doubt about what to take, or wonder if there will already be to many potato salads, garlic breads etc. just make a call to the organizer.bring a plate

The thing about “taking a plate” means there’s no huge cost for any one person, or family.

In theory, it means no individual pressure physically, financially or mentally. Therefore adding to the ease of getting together without the burden to any one in particular.

The idea is to alleviate stress & lift the responsibility in a sharing & community environment.

You choose a venue, everybody pitches in…. it’s a mutually rewarding coming together & touching base. In these fast paced times, when everyone is so busy, it’s an excellent answer.bring a plate

The rules are very simple!

1. You take along something that can be shared. Something that would feed the amount of people in your care. When in doubt, just ask yourself this question. If that was all they had for dinner, would it be enough? Easy.

2. It’s already prepared & ready to eat…for the most part at least. You may have to finish something off, dress something, or present it from containers onto a platter. Or even warm something. But do check that with your host. To a) see if the facilities are available for your needs. And b) to alert them that this will be necessary & can then be taken into account.

3. That’s it! Enjoy the company & the bounty. Appreciate others efforts. Sample many tastes. Be present & grateful.bring a plate

Oh, a really good tip is to take a container or something to package up any leftover food when you wash your plate at the end of the meal, (because the cling wrap it came in will have been tossed when you first popped your offering on the table.)

Can you tell us what “Bringing a Plate” means to you?bring a plate

  1. Exactly that Mambo, bring a plate is about community, sharing, family, friends & food.. Bring on the Xmas sharing.!!

    • Thanks Dayne…yes, can’t wait for the feast…of everything :))
      But it makes sense to bring as much as you feed the people you would normally look after, doesn’t it?

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