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Soup. Simple Sustenance.

sweet potato & ginger soup

Soup. Simple sustenance for the soul. Well for sick people anyway…

This week I happen to have 2 friends who are distressed, for one reason or another. One has had a sudden tragic death in the family. One is bed-ridden with herself & a child to feed. Both are feeling fragile & need some extra TLC. I care about these ladies & I want to help…it’s as much about needing to personally DO something, as it is about wanting to let our people know that we are THERE for them.

We all understand that life happens & that we’ll be fine in time, but for now these girls are off duty.chopped pumpkin

For me, supporting them is with food (instinctively, can you imagine anything else? lol.) So I immediately think to make them some soup, pumpkin soup in this case. (Most people like pumpkin soup, it’s familiar & sustaining.) Generally a safe bet, although I did put my spin on it :)) 

Thai Roast Pumpkin Soup:

  • Roast a whole peeled pumpkin, roughly chopped. Add to oven trays, one red capsicum, one head of garlic & a few red onions. Cook till soft.
  • Remove garlic skins & put all in large saucepan with some vegetable stock to cover, add half bunch coriander & 2 tins coconut cream. Bring to slow simmer for 10-15 mins.
  • Remove from heat, stick the stick blender in & make smooth(ish.) Season to taste. Top with a swirl of sweet chilli & fresh coriander leaves.pumpkin soup

Food is a nurturer. A hearth. A warmth that feeds soul, spirit & body alike.  It’s my way of wrapping my arms around them, hopefully providing them with some comfort & giving them a soft place to land, should they choose.

However, it got me thinking about how we assist each other in times of crisis. More than that, how we mark significant occasions, large & small, as we collectively journey along our given paths. In particular, with food choices. An activity that seems to have transcended cultures & generations forever recorded.pumpkin soup

For those of us who love to cook, we are going to explore this universal phenomena. Let’s look at that! This relationship between food & emotions. This extension of friendship, caring & sharing. Of empathy & respect. Of birth, death & accomplishment. Of celebration, community & honour.

Are there certain kinds of foods we reach for in times of joy & liberation? Are there certain foods we lean towards when life brings us to our knees? I wonder…

What do you think? We’d love to know…pumpkin soup

  1. You’re a good woman! I love pumpkin soup and a crusty roll. There’s no better meal when you’re not feeling 100%.

    • Thanks Maureen. You are the perfect woman to ask…
      What do you take people when they have a life event, good or bad?

  2. Beautiful Beautiful Blog, I love this. I made my housemate my roast pumpkin soup after wisdom teeth extraction last night

    • Oh excellent Lilly, perfect example. I’m hoping people will give us all sorts of related examples :)) Surely I can’t be the only one to wonder about this??? lol, thanks huni xx

  3. Just yummy, and how I like to make pumpkin soups too by roastng the pumpkin first

    • Thanks Suzie. Yes, you do get a much richer flavour out of your veggies by baking them first.
      Only way to go :)) xx

  4. Cant go past the childhood fav. the thick chicken & vegie soup you always made us as kids is now a staple in my household. Ive had a pregnancy craving for it for a couple of weeks so have just made a batch & portioned it out to take to uni.

    • Yes, it’s the most delicious comfort food of all, embracing, sustaining AND healthy. Happy you’ve taken something from your childhood to nurture yourself (& those you touch) as time unfolds. Big, huge love….
      PS. I think I’ll go have some for breakfast :)) xx

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