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Spirit House Seafood Cooking Class Adventure.

Spirit House Seafood Cooking Class Adventure.Cooking Classes

Yesterday I received a fabulous surprise…an invitation to attend a Cooking Class. Not only that, but at The Spirit House.

I love Cooking Classes & always mean to do some more. Time eludes me. And it’s been far to long since I’ve been to this famous place. So it’s with much excitement that today I am off on a Spirit House Seafood Cooking Class adventure.

I arrive way too early, time for a coffee & a good look around. Buy a few things…Cooking Classes

Teaching daily classes, they are a busy lot here at the Spirit House. Well organized & yet still easy & friendly. Our chef Annette, who is one of the original chefs from the start, gives us a little run down on what we are cooking today.

Plus a few housekeeping tips like hand washing & composting, tasting spoons (instead of fingers,) facilities & timing.Cooking Classes

As it was a new menu, we were warned there may be a few “tweaks” along the way, but in the end only needed to add one little splash of fish sauce to one recipe.

Annette punctuated her lesson with stories. Both educational about ingredients & their uses, & quirky about life in it’s craziness, as she calmly made her way around the benches. Entrusting us with chores, having shown us what was required at each station, she delegated new ones as we completed the last.Cooking Classes

There was time to check on other peoples activities as we went along, lots of fun, banter & learning. There was cutting, measuring, pounding, portioning, snipping, all the good stuff…

We used 6 different kinds of fish, tuna, salmon & kingfish for the satays, orange roughy for the fish fingers (my favourite,) huge prawns & cuttlefish. We learnt deveining tips, citrus tricks & charcoal secrets.Cooking Classes

Once all the mise en place (preparation) was done, which was 3 quarters of our time in the kitchen, we all gathered around the stoves to toss, bake, fry, combine & bring it all together. We plated & presented in pretty bowls, gathered serving utensils & garnish.

All set to go….Cooking Classes. Spirit House

Fishy Tales. Today we made…

  • fish satay with peanut & lime dipping sauce & cucumber salad.
  • stir fried honey prawns with ginger & toasted sesame seeds.
  • rustic panko & sesame crumbed fish fingers.
  • roasted sweet potato wedges with ginger & cashew crumble.
  • poached cuttlefish with crunchy Vietnamese style herb salad.

Cooking Classes. Spirit HouseThe tables were beautifully set with everything we needed while we were busy pulling it all together.

And so we dine, all 14 of us, like old friends now, sharing all the goodies, fresh, tasty & with plenty of ideas to replicate at home.Cooking Classes. Spirit House

We leave with our recipes & our aprons…& very full tummies. A fabulous experience, highly recommended. Give it a go….book online.

Thank you chef Annette, the lovely lady who helped assist & clean up around us, our illustrious leader Bev, at  & all the fabulous staff at the Spirit House.Cooking Classes. Spirit House

  1. What a fabulous day wish I could have joined you xxx

    • Me too Kel…you would have love it! It was so easy to do, the environment was relaxed & the food was sensational :)) xx

  2. Wow that would have been such a good experience for you !!!!

  3. Thanks Val, it was fun. We should all do one together, good healthy food AND we would learn lots of tips & info :))

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