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Steak & Guacamole.


Thursdays with Theo & Thumbelina…

Steak & Guacamole

Alright, we’ll have a couple of potatoes in their jackets too! And maybe a few chilli beans…

The boys are ravenous as always when they get home from school. We have chicken & pistachio sausage rolls that had been previously stashed for just such an occasion, with home-made tomato sauce, & a strawberry milk drink.


There’s a blank card on the dining room table, white with a black stick figure “fairy princess” on the front. The boys take it in turns writing Thumbelina a letter, animatedly adding their 2 cents-worth while the other has a go.

One for each side, & they draw their own stick figures to illustrate their vision. They name each one, each member of the 2 immediate families, the old cooking crew. Plus snow men & snow angels, snow-capped mountains, the sun & the sky.

Then we jump in the bath, warm & soapy. We laugh & play & splash loudly… Time for fluffy towels & drying off. Time for pj’s, & we’re ready to help…


And then we start dinner…something simple tonight. Lots of time has been taken up with drawing, writing, imagining, planning the games & the trip, when they get to experience their own snow exploration.

We wash our hands, put aprons on, get our boards & little knives ready, & back our chairs up to the bench…our very own work stations.

We put the potatoes in the water, add some salt, then onto the stove to cook. We top & tail the beans & then we hand them over for other special treatment. (Blanched, then tossed in a pan with a slurp of olive oil, a smidge of garlic & fresh, chopped red chilli.)


We finely slice some shallots, some red onion, & a bit of really red & ripe tomato. Into the bowl it goes! We squeeze some lime juice in, grind on some salt & pepper, & perhaps we are a little too generous with a bit of crushed garlic:)) & then a splash of sweet chili.

Mash! Mash! Mash! Stir as fast as we can with a fork! Mmmmm, it looks yummy…creamy, with tiny flecks of colour & a little bit of texture.

Let’s taste some with some rice crackers! Just a couple, ‘cause the steak is sizzling & the veggies are ready!

So there we have it…

Thursdays with Theo & Thumbelina…

Steak & Guacamole

Let’s go eat!

  1. Oh, this does look delicious and GOOD!

    • Thanks Amy….the kids loved it! There’s so many ways to serve guacamole don’t you think? You gotta love a good guac!! :)) xx

  2. What an incredible-sounding recipe Steak & Guacamole! yum! Beautiful photography too, love the lighting and the food styling is superb.

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