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Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Program…

Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Program….

“…growing a food revolution from the ground up!”


The Kitchen Garden Program is a winner!
“… by setting good examples and engaging children’s curiosity, as well as their energy and their taste buds, we can provide positive and memorable food experiences that will form the basis of positive lifelong eating habits.”
Look what we discovered today….!!!

I personally, have been going to get involved with this program for a while now. And 2 years have sneaked by since then!

Can you believe that?? No, not really sneaked, absolutely wooshed by!!!!

Anyway, not to ponder on that at all, I have finally set the journey in motion. The motivation for me, comes from the sustained belief that the kitchen can be the principle classroom for all of life’s major lessons.

I have learnt, taught & witnessed many facets of our existence in the kitchen….maths, language, spelling, processing, problem-solving, team-playing, relationship development, budgets, health, choices, individuality, respect, acceptance…the positives are endless!!!

Whilst I am no gardener, honour goes to the skills & the passion with which our soil-tilling people proudly pass on their knowledge & know-how to the next generation. THANK YOU!!! It is such a rich blessing!


From there, the toil & the nurturing, the understanding of the seasons, what we put into our bodies, where it all comes from & how it affects our well-being, the kids become more attached to the outcome. They reap their own rewards, they are more inclined to try things anew, they joyously share their knowledge & make healthier suggestions on the home front. You gotta love that!

So from time to time, if that’s okay, I am going to give you some updates as to this awesomely influential programs’ developments.  I will feed you snippets of my unfolding participation, & trust that between us, with your involvement, we can humbly help make some little difference….

Check it out!

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Applications to join the Stephanie Alexander
Kitchen Garden National Program are now open! 
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  1. I love this idea. Children love growing their own food and teaches them so much at the same time. Imagine if we could give this gift to the next generation.

    • This stirs my passions, even for me, surprisingly strongly…the depth of this gift? Priceless!!

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